By Michelle Erica Green
Posted at January 12, 2004 - 10:57 PM GMT

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O'Brien is taken into custody by the Cardassians, tortured, sentenced, and then tried for his alleged crimes against Cardassia, constructed with falsified evidence by a Cardassian spy. Keiko's pleas and testimony by his crewmates don't save him, until Sisko uncovers the elaborate plot which set O'Brien up to appear to be a Maquis traitor.


Nice combination "Miles in Wonderland"/1984 scenario. This was the first time I really felt like I got to see Colm Meaney act; it's about time. But they still haven't given Keiko anything interesting to do, and the ending was rushed and unclear - how did Sisko talk the Cardassians into letting him into court, anyway? By telling them it would be good TV?

And I thought - I hoped - that Kira was out of character. It seems like in all the non-Kira episodes, she turns into a nasty little thing heartlessly wanting to blow up proto- universes, ratting on Dax to Sisko and Bashir to Dax and Quark to Odo, letting the Federation get away with pleading the Prime Directive with the Tosk but wanting to ignore it when Cardassians are involved. Now she's ready to write off O'Brien. She should know better.

Sisko also seemed even more stiff than usual. While I was pleased to see Keiko not snivel like she often does (that pep talk from Odo must have helped), I also thought it was unrealistic that she wouldn't try to go over Sisko's head when he sounded like he was going to throw Miles to the Cardies. But them's the breaks, I guess - usually it's O'Brien when has no character. I like these tough Cardassian women - I certainly didn't expect such, after the boys-only army scenes on TNG.

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