Through the Looking Glass

By Michelle Erica Green
Posted at January 12, 2004 - 11:08 PM GMT

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The alternate universe O'Brien kidnaps Sisko with a very specific agenda: he wants Sisko to impersonate the Sisko from that side, who has been killed, for long enough to convince his wife Jennifer to stop aiding the Intendant in her quest for a weapon to use against humans. Sisko refuses at first, but the need to get back to his own universe and the desire to protect even an alternate Jennifer win him over, even though he must cooperate with the Intendant's lustful ways and put up with a rebellious, nasty Bashir. Sisko brings Jennifer over to the side of the rebels, and is returned home.


I want to state for the record that if I were Benjamin Sisko, and there was a universe where Kira, Dax, and Jennifer all offered me their bodies, there's no way I'd ever go home. Moreover, I want to admit that scruffy, long-haired a/u Bashir, who looks like Jesus in all the Easter moves, is really scrumptious. I think all the characters should adopt their alternate universe hairstyle for the remainder of the show's run, and Julian the personality as well!

I find it ironic that I loved this episode, seeing as it wasn't a particularly strong showing for Kira and Odo wasn't around at all. I guess I was just ready for a great Sisko show, and that kiss he planted on The Intendant made me fall out of my chair - it was worth watching for that alone! Fans love excuses to see major characters get into the sack...and it's nice to know that they also appreciate our desire for it not to be part of the canonical universe.

GREAT punchy opening although I found myself wondering how Sisko know so damn much about the other universe. Did Kira put into her report that Renegade Ben and the Intendant were lovers, or did he just make a lucky guess? I thought the episode was going to seem contrived no matter how they got back to the mirror universe, but the idea of a living Jennifer as his excuse for interfering was very appealing. I forgave him for forgetting all the Prime Directive restrictions that probably should have applied. The appearances by Bashir, Dax, and Tuvok were all fairly gratuitous but quite enjoyable.

Even thought it was his episode, I found Sisko a little too unemotional; I would have thought he'd be more nervous in bed with Dax (was there a Curzon on that side too?), more emotional at the first sight of Jennifer, more placating around Bashir. I loved him with the Intendant but again I kept wondering about the grin; either Kira gave a VERY thorough report when she got back from that universe, or our commander has had the hots for his second in command for a long time. I think I just liked seeing Sisko out of context.

I liked this better in some ways than the original "Crossover," I thought the Intendant had amore interesting emotional range and Garak was priceless (I wish HE'D gotten to meet the alternate Bashir!) A lot of the lines reminded me of "Star Wars"...all that Rebel Alliance stuff...I kept expecting Princess Leia to show up. But the directing was lovely, especially the scene with Kira talking in the mirror, and the first Ben/Jennifer scene. I reiterate: I can forgive a lot when a show has a finely-tuned sense of humor, and in this episode, everything clicked.

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