The House of Quark

By Michelle Erica Green
Posted at January 12, 2004 - 11:00 PM GMT

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Quark accidentally kills a drunken Klingon in a bar brawl and brags about it, but when the Klingon's widow shows up to demand that he marry her according to Klingon custom, he is shocked and terrified. Under threats, he agrees to marry the beautiful Grilka, and to take over the House of Kozak.

But when he gets to Kronos, he discovers that Kozak's finances are a disaster. He helps Grilka save her family, she's grateful enough to let him out of the marriage without killing him, and Quark returns home without getting to consummate anything.


I hate Klingon episodes. I hate Ferengi episodes. Does anyone have any questions about how I felt about this episode?

My favorite thing about "House of Quark" was the look Kira gave Sisko when he threw her out of his office so he could engage in "man talk" - like she was going to chop his privates off and then tell him sexism on the job doesn't wash in the 24th century. I keep wondering what happened to the TOS Klingons, where a wife could be second-in-command of a man's ship in addition to his house. Was there a patriarchal coup we missed somewhere?

Well, Quark hit it lucky, even if he never got lucky with the Klingon babe who dragged him into the middle of a mess that I still don't completely understand - I need Gowron's magic calculator. I enjoyed the High Council stuff and Quark's shenanigans, but does anyone else feel like this was a gratuitous "Klingons from TNG" appearance rather than a DS9 episode?

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