The Forsaken

By Michelle Erica Green
Posted at January 12, 2004 - 4:04 PM GMT

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While an alien entity wreaks havoc with the station's computer, Lwaxana Troi comes on to Odo. The shapeshifter finds that he actually has quite a bit in common with the unconventional woman.


Although I was bored for the greater part of this episode, I really adored the final scenes with Lwaxana and Odo. She looked terrible in this episode and she wasn't afraid to show it; this is a woman who's not afraid of her age, her unconventional appearance, the fact that she intimidates people. Her girlish flirting with Odo was as embarrassing to watch as it seemed to be for him to accept at first, but by the final scene where he literally melts in her lap, I was a puddle of goo as well - what an unusual emotional and erotic image. The metaphor worked very nicely. Unfortunately the B plot involving the computer was completely uninteresting, serving little purpose but to disable the lift in which Odo and Lwaxana were traveling. They both deserve better storylines in which to explore their surprising bond.

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