The Abandoned

By Michelle Erica Green
Posted at January 12, 2004 - 11:01 PM GMT

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The crew finds a baby Jem'Hadar, which quickly matures to adulthood aboard the station. Odo, who's redecorating his quarters in order to get more in touch with his Inner Changeling, tries to help the young soldier resist his violent impulses, but eventually the Jem'Hadar decides to leave to seek his own kind, and Odo helps him despite Starfleet's dseire to keep him around for study.


When the kid said he didn't have a name, I was waiting for Sisko to say, "What about Hugh?" This episode reeked of TNG: recycled plot, inner self parallel plot involving Data...I mean Odo, doofy Sisko and son subplot (if they turn into Beverly and Wesley I will hurl). Kira was cast once again in the role of insensitive loudmouth. Even she and Odo are starting to seem contrived together: "Look! I brought you a housewarming gift! Now will you show me your bedroom decorations?"

The only parts of the episode I really enjoyed were Jake and his Dabo girlfriend, though I get a little sick when I realize what a sexist jerk Jake is going to grow up to be if he keeps hanging out with Quark and Nog. I liked the Jem'Hadar himself, and Odo's interactions with him were well-played if predictable. I also liked Bashir's mettle, and hey! Was that a glimpse of Colm Meaney there for a minute?

But unless the ending's a setup for a sequel, it was very stupid. Doesn't it seem probable that the kid was sent there by the Dominion specifically to see what Starfleet would do with him? And I guess the show was entitled to one dorky holodeck alien sequence, but this one looked too much like one of Worf's training programs. The more I hear about the Gamma Quadrant, the more I hope the crew stays on this side of the wormhole.

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