By Michelle Erica Green
Posted at January 12, 2004 - 4:16 PM GMT

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Odo and Dax land on a planet in the Gamma Quadrant where people have been disappearing from an isolated civilization, which Dax proves to be an holographic projection. Odo befriends a little girl whose mother has disappeared and helps repair the generator, along with the single surviving old man who designed the village. Meanwhile, back on the station, Quark uses Bareil to distract Kira from his own shenanigans, but she catches on in time.


I thought the Odo-and-Dax story was much better done than the Kira-and-Quark story. Dax and Odo have lovely chemistry, less powerful than Kira and Odo, but still with a lot of potential for attachment. I was touched by the villagers, especially the creator of the little town, and glad he had the good sense not to try to explain the technology of the holographic projector . Although Teya's relationship with Odo reminded me of the two TNG's where Data bonds with little girls, I found this much more believable.

As for Vedek B and Ms. Springball... sorry, but Kira had more sparks with Quark! Since when does she back away from a serious argument? Is she just too intimidated, awed, [wet?] flattered, given an itch by Bareil? This is only their fourth meeting, they've never had a deep conversation that we know of, they have opposing viewpoints on religion and politics and they're already doing the nasty? Well, at least they both look good in springball outfits.

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