Rules of Acquisition

By Michelle Erica Green
Posted at January 12, 2004 - 4:12 PM GMT

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Negotiating a deal for the Grand Nagus, Quark seeks the advice of Pel, who assists in his deal making but complicates matters first by making a pass at him and then by proving to be female. The deal works out, however, providing the first bond between an Alpha Quadrant species and a Gamma Quadrant race known as The Dominion.


"Yentl" in space -- I'm plotzing. Well, DS9 does have a knack for coming up with smart, funny women and this one challenged human homophobia as well as Ferengi sexism. That scene where Dax acknowledges that Pel loves Quark before she knows Pel is female is worth a thousand of the "The Outcast." I was SO glad to see Pel go off on her own and not stay with Mr. Dabo Girls.

The tulaberries plot seemed goofy; I didn't realize then that we were being set up for the (clunky) advent of The Dominion, so in a way this is the most important episode of DS9's early seasons. I loved the aliens, especially the women calling Quark "this insignificance" and walking in on Quark and Pel with that dry, "Am I interrupting?" A lot of sins in this episode can be forgiven because it kept a sense of humor.

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