If Wishes Were Horses

By Michelle Erica Green
Posted at January 12, 2004 - 4:03 PM GMT

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Crewmembers' fantasies come to life - some silly and harmless, some deadly. Of course it turns out to be a meddling alien.


Though somewhat darker than most wish-fulfillment episodes, this is an ongoing cliche on Trek, a la "Shore Leave," "The Naked Time," "The Naked Now," "Phantasms," etc. etc. We didn't learn anything particularly compelling about anyone in this episode, other than that some people take their series bible backgrounds too literally. It's always a great relief when stories like this one come to an end.

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Michelle Erica Green reviews 'Enterprise' episodes for the Trek Nation, for which she is also a news writer. An archive of her work can be found at The Little Review.