By Michelle Erica Green
Posted at January 12, 2004 - 11:00 PM GMT

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During a party, Dax realizes that she has musical talents she never before discovered; she also begins to uncover memories and feelings which are deeply upsetting. During her quest to discover where they come from, she learns that the symbiont had a former host, an unstable musician, whose memories were suppressed...though, obviously, not successfully. The Trill doctors are initially unsympathetic and Dax's death seems imminent, but on a trip to the depths of the homeworld, where symbionts reproduce, Jadzia is able to get in touch with this repressed personality.


Finally, a good Dax episode! We still haven't seen enough of Jadzia not under the influence, which I think she deserves, but it was a lot of fun learning about what the Trill homeworld looks like (suspiciously like Bajor), what kinds of shenanigans go on at the Symbiosis Commission HQ, and how symbionts reproduce. Julian is starting to grow on me a little this season...he got Jadzia in his bed and no monkey business.

Terry Farrell gave one of her best performances. I wish her character would get mad more often, because she's quite interesting when possessed with ire. Kira's scenes were winners ("Odo, you look so cute!"). I didn't quite buy Sisko solving the whole puzzle and then being able to save Dax by yelling at one doctor, and what about the Prime Directive...oh never mind, forget the PD, the series obviously has. The ending was a little pop psych-ish, but timely.

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