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Aug 29 - Hero Worship
A young boy who is the sole survivor of a disaster that killed his parents chooses to emulate Data rather than face the facts of the accident.

Aug 21 - New Ground
After Worf's human mother brings his son Alexander on board, insisting that she can no longer raise the boy, Worf seeks Troi's help in helping him fit in.

Aug 14 - A Matter of Time
When a visitor from a future era arrives on the ship, Picard violates his ethics and asks for assistance about how to save a dying planet.

July 31 - Unification, Part Two
Picard tells Spock of the death of his father and learns the reason for Spock's visit to Romulus: an attempted reunification of the long-separated Vulcan and Romulan races.

July 17 - Unification, Part One
Shocked to learn that Spock may have defected to the Romulans, Picard and Data cross the Neutral Zone in a Klingon ship to find him.

July 10 - The Game
When an interactive game becomes addictive to the crew, priming them for invasion, Wesley and his new girlfriend must save the day.

June 20 - Disaster
Troi must take command of the ship while Picard struggles to work with three children and Worf is faced with delivering Keiko's baby.

June 6 - Silicon Avatar
A scientist devoted to hunting down the Crystalline Entity discovers that Data's positronic brain contains the memories of her son.

May 30 - Ensign Ro
When a court-martialed Starfleet officer from war-torn Bajor is sent to help locate a terrorist leader, Picard begins to suspect a high-level conspiracy.

May 23 - Darmok
Picard is trapped on a planet with the leader of an alien race who speaks in incomprehensible metaphors.

May 15 - Redemption, Part Two
While Worf fights the Romulan conspiracy within the Klingon empire, Picard discovers that Tasha Yar's daughter is a leader of the Romulans.

May 9 - Redemption, Part One
When Picard is asked as Arbiter of Succession to oversee Gowron's installation, Worf resigns from Starfleet to fight against the Duras family.

May 2 - In Theory
Data creates a romantic subroutine to experiment with love when a crewmember becomes interested in dating him.

Apr 24 - The Mind's Eye
LaForge is kidnapped and altered by Romulans to take part in an assassination plot against a Klingon governor.

Apr 17 - The Host
Crusher falls in love with a Trill, only to discover that his real personality exists in a small symbiont living inside his body.

Apr 11 - Half a Life
A visiting scientist falls in love with Lwaxana Troi, then reveals that he is expected to commit ritual suicide.

Mar 28 - The Drumhead
A famous Starfleet admiral leads a hunt for a traitor aboard the Enterprise who may have sabotaged the engines.

Mar 20 - Qpid
In the middle of an archaeology conference, Q, trying to show the captain a good time, turns Picard and crew into Robin Hood and his merry men.

Mar 13 - The Nth Degree
After an encounter with an alien probe, Lieutenant Barclay develops super-human intelligence and tries to take over the ship.

Mar 6 - Identity Crisis
LaForge is affected when every officer who went on an away mission to Tarchannen Three years earlier begins to transform.

Feb 28 - Night Terrors
The crew is trapped in a rift in space where lack of dreams causes psychosis; only Troi can still dream, plagued by nightmares.

Feb 20 - Galaxy's Child
While the crew fights to save an alien baby whose mother was accidentally killed, LaForge tries to bond with Leah Brahms, who is nothing like his holographic dream woman.

Feb 14 - First Contact
When he is injured during a reconnaissance mission, Riker's identity as an alien is discovered by a culture fearful of the idea that they are not alone in the galaxy.

Feb 6 - Clues
After passing through a wormhole, the crew finds mounting evidence that Data is lying to them about how much time they were unconscious and what transpired while they were out.

Jan 30 - Devil's Due
A woman claiming to be the devil appears on a world which has committed its citizens to eternal enslavement to her.

Jan 23 - The Wounded
A Federation starship commanded by a captain who lost his family to the Cardassians begins attacking their ships, claiming that they are preparing for a new war.

Jan 16 - Data's Day
During twenty-four hours in the life of Data, the impending wedding of Miles and Keiko causes the android to examine human feelings.

Jan 9 - The Loss
When two-dimensional life forms cause Troi to lose her empathic powers, she resigns her post as counselor.

Jan 9 - Star Trek: A Singular Destiny
Bill Williams gives the thumbs-up to Keith R.A. DeCandido's new sequel to the 'Destiny' trilogy.

Jan 2 - Final Mission
On his way to Starfleet Academy, Wesley accompanies Picard on an away mission that turns deadly, leaving him to keep the captain alive.

Dec 19 - Future Imperfect
Riker awakens in sickbay after a disastrous away mission to discover that sixteen years have passed, he now commands the Enterprise, and he has a young son.

Dec 12 - Reunion
Picard is asked by the Klingons to mediate a struggle for succession, forcing Worf to confront the Klingon family which disgraced his own.

Dec 6 - Star Trek : Destiny -- Book 3: Lost Souls
The first Trek book review by new reviewer Bill Williams.

Dec 5 - Legacy
Tasha Yar's mysterious sister becomes close with Data when the crew is sent on a rescue mission to her home planet.

Nov 21 - Remember Me
After Beverly Crusher watches an experiment of Wesley's go wrong, crewmembers begin to disappear.

Nov 14 - Suddenly Human
Picard must decide whether to risk a war and violate a boy's wishes to reunite the long-lost human child with his family.

Nov 7 - Brothers
When a dying Dr. Soong summons Data and accidentally brings Lore home as well, the two androids struggle to understand the reasons their "father" created them.

Oct 31 - Family
While the Enterprise is repaired at Earth's spacedock, Picard stays with his older brother and Worf's parents arrive to visit him.

Oct 25 - The Best of Both Worlds, Part Two
Riker and the crew try to find a way to save both the ship and the human race when the Borg use the captain as part of their plan to assimilate Earth.

Oct 18 - The Best of Both Worlds, Part One
When the Borg abduct Picard in an attempt to conquer humanity, Riker must assume command and work with Commander Shelby to come up with a plan to combat them.

Oct 10 - Transfigurations
The Enterprise rescues a mysterious amnesiac alien who has a seemingly miraculous ability to heal.

Oct 3 - Menage a Troi
Deanna and Lwaxana Troi are kidnapped and humiliated by a Ferengi while Riker plots a rescue.

Sep 26 - Sarek
When Spock's father, the famed Vulcan ambassador, comes on board the Enterprise for negotiations, outbreaks of violence begin to afflict the crew.

Sep 19 - The Most Toys
While the crew believes that Data is dead, he is actually being held hostage by a trader who wants to add him to his collection of unique items.

Sep 12 - Hollow Pursuits
Lieutenant Barclay creates holographic versions of the ship's crew as an escape from having to deal with the real ones.

Sep 5 - Tin Man
A disturbed telepath attempts to help the crew protect a a lifeform resembling a biological starship from the Romulans.

Aug 29 - Captain's Holiday
Picard goes to Risa for vacation and meets a treasure hunter named Vash who is searching for an artifact from the future.

Aug 22 - Allegiance
Captain Picard is abducted by aliens and replaced with a wild and crazy double; meanwhile, the real Picard must work with unruly aliens to try to escape.

Aug 9 - Sins of the Father
Worf's long-lost brother Kurn arrives to draw Worf into a battle for his family's honor with the unscrupulous Duras.

Aug 1 - The Offspring
When Data creates an android daughter using his own neural network, an admiral wants to place her in Starfleet custody at a robotics institute.

June 21 - Yesterday's Enterprise
A time rift causes a dramatic shift in history, creating a universe where Tasha Yar is alive and the Federation is at war with the Romulans.

June 13 - A Matter of Perspective
When Riker is accused of murdering a scientist who claimed the first officer made a pass at his wife, Picard uses the holodeck to study the crime.

June 6 - Deja Q
Q appears again, in trouble with the Continuum and minus his powers, while the Enterprise is trying to save a planet.

May 30 - The High Ground
Crusher is abducted by a group of terrorists who are desperate to demonstrate their suffering to Starfleet before the Enterprise assists the other side in their civil war.

May 23 - The Hunted
A solder who has been medically altered to be the perfect killer threatens the Enterprise while the crew debates what responsibility they have to try to help him.

May 16 - The Defector
A high-ranking Romulan defector bent on preserving peace between his empire and the Federation leads the crew into a showdown that could trigger a war.

May 9 - The Vengeance Factor
An assassin plagues the Enterprise crew's attempt to reconcile two factions of an alien race.

May 2 - The Price
When a group of delegates gathers to bid on the rights to a stable wormhole, Troi falls for one of the Federation's competitors.

Apr 25 - The Enemy
While Geordi is stranded with a hostile Romulan on a planet plagued by storms, the crew contends with a warship seeking its missing crew.

Apr 18 - Booby Trap
When the ship is caught in an ancient snare that transforms energy into radiation, LaForge creates a holographic simulation of scientist Leah Brahms to help them escape.

Apr 11 - The Bonding
When an archaeologist dies on an away mission, leaving an orphaned son for whom Worf feels responsible, the alien who caused her death creates an artificial image of the mother and their home for the boy.

Apr 4 - Who Watches the Watchers?
Upon witnessing Federation technology, a primitive culture begins to venerate Picard as a god and plans to sacrifice Troi to him.

Mar 28 - The Survivors
Two survivors of an alien attack seems kindly despite their refusals to be evacuated, but Troi begins to suffer at the sound of their music box.

Mar 14 - The Ensigns of Command
While Picard negotiates for leniency, Data struggles to save a colony that's been marked for death by aliens if the humans fail to evacuate.

Mar 7 - Evolution
A group of nanites unleashed by Wesley Crusher attacks the Enterprise's systems just as the ship arrives at a star about to nova.

Feb 29 - Shades of Gray
As Riker's central nervous system is attacked by a deadly microbe, Pulaski tries to stimulate his memories to ward off the effects.

Feb 22 - Peak Performance
Riker and part of the crew are sent to the derelict ship Hathaway for simulated battle maneuvers against the Enterprise.

Feb 15 - The Emissary
Worf's former flame K'Ehleyr is sent to mediate a potentially inflammatory situation with a Klingon sleeper ship in Federation space.

Feb 8 - Manhunt
On the way to a conference, Lwaxana Troi comes aboard the Enterprise in search of the perfect man and settles on Picard.

Feb 1 - Up the Long Ladder
The ship rescues a long-lost Earth colony of boisterous farmers and discovers a nearby dying civilization comprised of clones.

Jan 25 - Samaritan Snare
Geordi is held hostage by slow aliens while Wesley takes Starfleet exams and Picard fights for his life in surgery.

Jan 18 - Q Who?
Q flings the Enterprise into the path of a malevolent race of organic-artificial aliens called the Borg.

Jan 11 - Pen Pals
When a young girl who has been communicating with Data tells him that her planet is in trouble, Picard must reconcile the Prime Directive and the need for intervention to save her people.

Jan 4 - The Icarus Factor
Riker's estranged father is sent to brief his son when Will is promoted to captain of the Aries; meanwhile, Worf laments the anniversary of his Rite of Ascension in the absence of other Klingons.

Dec 28 - Time Squared
Picard encounters his own double from several hours in the future, who is catatonic after witnessing the destruction of the Enterprise.

Dec 21 - The Royale
While investigating a discovery from ancient Earth, an away team is trapped in the hotel Royale, a bad novel with no end in sight.

Dec 14 - Contagion
The Enterprise's computer begins to malfunction as a result of a mysterious alien probe.

Dec 7 - The Dauphin
The Enterprise escorts a young planetary leader for whom Wesley develops feelings before he learns that she is not what she appears to be.

Nov 30 - The Measure of a Man
When a scientist wants to disassemble Data in order to figure out how to replicate him, Picard and Riker must take opposing sides in arguing Data's right to refuse.

Nov 23 - A Matter of Honor
Riker is assigned to a Klingon vessel as part of an exchange, but his loyalties are tested when he learns the ship plans to attack the Enterprise.

Nov 16 - Unnatural Selection
Dr. Pulaski is exposed to a virus that accelerates the aging process, causing people to die of old age in a matter of hours.

Nov 9 - The Schizoid Man
A dying scientist transfers his mind into Data's body so that he can live forever, continue his experiments, and woo his young apprentice.

Nov 2 - Loud as a Whisper
A deaf mediator who has three vocal interpreters is brought onto the Enterprise to stop a deadly war.

Oct 26 - The Outrageous Okona
The Enterprise hosts a witty renegade captain, and Data tries to gain a sense of humor.

Oct 19 - Elementary, Dear Data
When Data plays Sherlock Holmes on the holodeck and LaForge asks for an opponent capable of defeating him, the holodeck turns off the safety protocols.

Oct 12 - Where Silence Has Lease
The ship is trapped by a being who wishes to understand death by observing the crew dying in as many ways as possible.

Oct 5 - The Child
A mysterious alien impregnates Deanna Troi so that it can incarnate as a human while the ship's storage compartments are carrying a deadly plague.

Sep 28 - The Neutral Zone
On the way to a meeting with the Romulans, the Enterprise encounters a ship carrying cryogenically frozen humans from the 20th century, whom they revive.

Sep 21 - Conspiracy
After a fellow captain and his crew are killed in mysterious circumstances, Picard returns to Earth to investigate a conspiracy among the highest ranks of Starfleet Command.

Sep 14 - We'll Always Have Paris
When a scientist's temporal experiments turn deadly, Picard tries to rescue him and his wife - Picard's old flame - before the galaxy begins to tear apart.

Sep 7 - Skin of Evil
An evil alien kills Tasha Yar and holds Deanna Troi hostage while she argues the innate goodness of most beings.

Aug 31 - Symbiosis
Two alien races struggle over a shipment of a drug ostensibly used to treat a deadly disease.

Aug 28 - 'World Enough and Time'
Fan production 'Star Trek: New Voyages' delivers an episode that holds its own against anything produced by Paramount.

Aug 24 - The Arsenal of Freedom
Picard and an away team including a badly wounded Beverly Crusher try to stay alive on a planet run by computerized weapons.

Aug 17 - Heart of Glory
When Klingon fugitives come aboard and try to commandeer the ship, Worf must weigh his loyalty to Starfleet and the humans who raised him.

Aug 4 - Coming of Age
Picard faces a competency investigation while Wesley takes the Starfleet Academy entrance exam.

July 27 - Home Soil
A microscopic lifeform threatens to destroy the Federation scientists working to terraform its planet.

July 13 - When the Bough Breaks
The children of the Enterprise are kidnapped by a sterile civilization that wants to teach them their customs and use them to repopulate their kind.

June 29 - Too Short a Season
An aging admiral negotiating for the release of hostages, who blames himself for a tragic previous hostage crisis, takes a wonder drug that makes him become a much younger man.

June 8 - 11001001
The Enterprise is hijacked by aliens who communicate in the binary language of computers.

June 1 - Angel One
Riker struggles with the female leader of a planet where males are second-class citizens, while a plague on the Enterprise makes sanctuary for the rebels impossible.

May 25 - Datalore
When the crew discovers a prototype for Data, the lookalike android first attempts to ingratiate himself, then to take over the ship.

May 18 - The Big Goodbye
The holodeck malfunctions, trapping Picard and other crewmembers in 1940's San Francisco in the middle of a gangster plot.

May 11 - Haven
When Deanna Troi's mother arrives to fulfill the terms of an arranged marriage, Troi must face her feelings for Riker while her new fiance considers an entirely different destiny.

May 4 - Hide and Q
When Q offers Riker powers equivalent to his own. Riker grants everyone what he thinks are their dearest wishes, only to discover that he makes a lousy god.

Apr 27 - The Battle
A Ferengi captain uses a mind-altering device to force Picard to relive combat from years earlier on a now-abandoned starship.

Apr 20 - Justice
Wesley Crusher is sentenced to death for accidentally violating alien law, forcing Picard to choose between obeying the noninterference directive and manipulating the alien culture.

Mar 23 - Lonely Among Us
While traveling to a peace conference with prospective Federation members, an unknown entity alters the personalities of Picard, Crusher, and Worf.

Mar 16 - Where No One Has Gone Before
A mysterious Traveler sends the Enterprise to a region of space where thoughts shape reality.

Mar 9 - The Last Outpost
Federation and Ferengi crewmembers must impress an alien Portal before they are allowed to return to their journeys through space.

Mar 2 - Code of Honor
Kidnapped by an alien who wants her to become one of his wives, Tasha Yar fights for her own freedom and the welfare of a planet.

Feb 23 - The Naked Now
The crew is afflicted with a touch-transmitted virus which lowers inhibitions and threatens to turn deadly until Riker remembers hearing about something similar happening to Kirk's Enterprise.

Feb 16 - Encounter at Farpoint
The crew of the new Enterprise is forced to stand trial for the crimes of humanity by the mysterious Q.

Feb 9 - Turnabout Intruder
A jilted lover of Kirk's who has always wanted to command a starship forces him via an alien machine to switch bodies with her, trapping him in her dying form while she takes over his ship.

Feb 2 - All Our Yesterdays
When the Enterprise visits a planet whose sun is about to go nova, Kirk, Spock and McCoy discover that the entire population has vanished into the past.

Jan 26 - The Savage Curtain
An alien sets up a confrontation between good and evil, forcing Kirk, Spock, Abraham Lincoln, and Vulcan philosopher Surak to fight against four villains.

Jan 19 - The Cloud Minders
The Enterprise goes on an emergency mission to a planet where the aristocrats live in a beautiful city in the clouds while the working class mine a mineral which retards their intelligence.

Jan 12 - The Way To Eden
A group of rebels under the influence of a charismatic leader take over the ship to travel to the planet Eden, teaching the crew about brotherly love and alternative music en route.

Jan 5 - Requiem For Methuselah
Kirk, Spock and McCoy meet an immortal human who was once Da Vinci and Brahms, but who still hasn't solved the mysteries of the human heart.

Dec 22 - The Lights of Zetar
Scotty's new love is possessed by energy beings which have been without physical form for millennia, and decide to keep the woman's body rather than letting her consciousness reassert itself.

Dec 8 - That Which Survives
After viewing this nonsense about a woman whose touch kills, it's little wonder the original series did not long survive it.

Dec 1 - The Mark of Gideon
Kirk finds himself the only person on board the Enterprise save an alien woman who claims not to know how she got there.

Nov 21 - Star Trek: The Animated Series
The complete animated series comes to DVD, complete with commentaries, features, the first holodeck and the return of the Tribbles.

Nov 17 - Let That Be Your Last Battlefield
Two men who are white on one side of their bodies and black on the other, but on opposite sides, come aboard the Enterprise and involve the crew in their racial civil war.

Nov 14 - Star Trek: Ships of the Line
Finally a volume containing all the iconic starships and space stations of Star Trek from early warp vessels to the Enterprise-J.

Nov 11 - Mere Anarchy, Book 1: Things Fall Apart
The beginning of a story spanning 30 years, set in the original series era, reflects what happens when one's best isn't enough.

Nov 10 - Whom Gods Destroy
A shape-shifting former Starfleet captain has taken over an insane asylum and plans to take Kirk's ship by impersonating him.

Nov 3 - Elaan of Troyius
While transporting a warrior leader to her wedding, Kirk comes into contact with her tears, which make men fall in love with her.

Oct 29 - Voyages of Imagination
This new companion to Star Trek fiction for the first time discusses the Bantam, Ballantine and Pocket Books contributions in a single volume.

Oct 27 - The Empath
Aliens capture Kirk, Spock, and McCoy to use as test subjects in an experiment to see whether a mute empath will use her abilities to save them.

Oct 20 - Wink of an Eye
Kirk beams down to a planet which is apparently populated only by insects, then finds himself accelerated in time so that his crewmates cannot see him.

Oct 13 - Plato's Stepchildren
The Enterprise arrives on a mercy mission to help a race with telekinetic abilities, which they use to manipulate the crew in an effort to force them to leave Dr. McCoy behind.

Oct 12 - What's Past Book Six: Many Splendors
This final book in the Starfleet Corps of Engineers series wraps up previous storylines about Sonya Gomez before the line's relaunch.

Oct 7 - What's Past Book Five: 10 is Better than 01
The mysteries of the Federation world Bynaus are explored in this new S.C.E. novel, explains Jacqueline Bundy.

Oct 6 - The Tholian Web
When an away team beams aboard a drifting starship with a dead crew, Kirk becomes trapped between dimensions while hostile aliens try to drive the Enterprise away.

Sep 29 - For the World Is Hollow, and I Have Touched the Sky
Just after Dr. McCoy is diagnosed with a fatal illness, the ship encounters a spaceship disguised as an asteroid, on course with a populated planet. When the command team beams over to try to stop a collision, they must contend with the computer oracle which controls the inhabitants of the ship, of whom McCoy becomes one when he elects to remain there after falling in love with the high priestess.

Sep 22 - Star Trek Crucible: McCoy: Provenance of Shadows
David R. George III imagines what would have happened after McCoy saved Edith Keeler and changed Earth's history.

Sep 22 - Day of the Dove
Kirk and his crew do battle against the Klingon leader Kang and his crew before they all realize that an alien being has set them against one another.

Sep 15 - Spectre of the Gun
When the Enterprise ignores a warning message to stay out of Melkotian space, the Melkotians make the crew relive the gunfight at the OK Corral...as members of the losing side.

Sep 14 - Star Trek: Constellations
Twelve stories set during the first five-year mission pay fitting tribute to the original series characters and their universe, writes Jacqueline Bundy.

Sep 1 - Is There In Truth No Beauty?
A Medusan, a member of a race so unpleasant to look at that humanoids can go insane from a single glimpse, comes on board accompanied by a telepathic doctor.

Aug 25 - And the Children Shall Lead
The Enterprise retrieves a group of orphaned children, only to discover that they are remorseless and under the influence of an evil alien.

Aug 18 - The Paradise Syndrome
An encounter with an alien device gives Kirk amnesia, making him forget that he was trying to save the planet, where he accepts a position of honor and marries a native princess.

Aug 12 - Boarding the Enterprise
Two notable science fiction writers edited this anthology on Star Trek and its significance.

Aug 11 - The Enterprise Incident
When Kirk orders the ship into enemy space, Spock becomes close with the Romulan Commander who tries to seduce him into switching sides.

Aug 6 - Burning Dreams
The life story of Captain Christopher Pike unfolds in this heartbreaking novel.

Aug 4 - Spock's Brain
A society of women need Spock's brain to control the computer that runs their underground city.

Aug 2 - 'Fan Collective: Klingon' Collects Warrior Episodes
Fourth themed DVD set includes some wonderful classics, but because the subject is so big, it leaves out as many as it includes.

July 28 - Assignment: Earth
The crew discovers an infiltrator in the 20th century trying to interfere with the launch of a missile that could ignite the Cold War.

July 26 - Vulcan's Soul, Book Two: Exiles
Sherman and Shwartz's continuing tale of the long and perilous journey that the Vulcan exiles who would become the Romulans undertook.

June 29 - SCE: What's Past Book Four: Distant Early Warning
Jackie Bundy looks at Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore's fourth installment in this 'Starfleet Corps of Engineers' series.

June 16 - Bread and Circuses
Kirk beams down a landing party to a planet with a Roman-style governor who wants to use the Enterprise crew as fresh blood for the arena.

June 14 - SCE: What's Past Book Three: Echoes of Coventry
A secret intelligence mission that changed the tide of the Domininon War is the subject of the SCE novel.

June 9 - The Ultimate Computer
A brilliant inventor comes on board to test his latest creation - a computer capable of running the starship without needing a captain.

June 6 - The Complete 'Q' Arrives on DVD
'Star Trek Fan Collective: Q' comes out today in Region 1, bringing all the adventures of everyone's best-loved annoying omniscient alien.

June 2 - The Omega Glory
Kirk and Spock encounter a power-hungry captain who has violated the Prime Directive on a planet where rebels with a Constitution battle against a long-lived collective.

May 28 - Enterprise: Last Full Measure
Jacqueline Bundy appreciated this novel, in which Michael A. Martin and Andy Mangels explain how the MACOs and the rest of Enterprise's crew learned to work together.

May 26 - By Any Other Name
When the ship is taken over by beings from the Andromeda Galaxy who have assumed human form in order to control the ship, Kirk and his crew devise ways to use their new sensual feelings against them.

May 19 - Patterns of Force
Kirk is horrified to discover that a Federation advisor and former teacher has experimented with controlling a planet by declaring himself Fuhrer and recreating Nazi Germany

May 14 - SCE What's Past 2: The Future Begins
'The Future Begins' by Steve Mollman and Michael Schuster is a tribute to the character of Montgomery Scott.

May 12 - Return To Tomorrow
The last survivors of a devastating war, who have lived as pure energy beings for centuries, borrow the bodies of crewmembers to build android forms to house their consciousnesses.

May 5 - A Private Little War
Kirk beams down to a peaceful planet he visited years earlier, only to find that some of the natives have been given sophisticated weaponry by the Klingons.

Apr 28 - The Immunity Syndrome
When a huge single-celled alien destroys an entire solar system, Kirk must decide which of his senior officers' lives to risk on a mission to discover the entity's vulnerabilities.

Apr 27 - Everfree
Jacqueline Bundy reviews the conclusion to former Star Trek writer Nick Sagan's post-apocalyptic saga.

Apr 21 - A Piece of the Action
Kirk becomes the big boss on a planet ruled by mobsters, contaminated by contact with a starship a century before.

Apr 18 - String Theory: Evolution
The final volume of this 'Voyager' trilogy is a little verbose but resolves the storyline.

Apr 11 - Starfleet Corps of Engineers: What's Past, Book One: Progress
Katherine Pulaski returns in the latest S.C.E. offering, part of an arc celebrating Star Trek's 40th anniversary.

Apr 7 - The Gamesters of Triskelion
Kirk, Uhura, and Chekov are dragged hundreds of light years away by gamblers who force aliens to participate in combat for their amusement.

Mar 31 - The Trouble With Tribbles
Fluffy creatures which reproduce constantly interfere with Kirk's assignment to protect a shipment of grain, but they save the day when it's discovered that tribbles don't like Klingons.

Mar 28 - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Warpath
After the shocking events of 'Worlds of Deep Space Nine', two senior crewmembers are near death and a third is bent on revenge, but another twist awaits them.

Mar 26 - Your Face Looks Familiar
Several Star Trek actors, including Picardo and Shimerman, discuss their acting histories and technique in a new book reviewed by Jacqueline Bundy.

Mar 24 - Wolf in the Fold
When a serial killer strikes, all evidence points to Scotty until an investigation reveals that the murderer may be an ancient being who has plagued Earth.

Mar 22 - The Genesis Protocol
Scienctific development goes awry in this new novel by a popular Star Trek writer.

Mar 17 - Obsession
Kirk meets up with a gaseous being that feeds on human blood cells, which he failed to destroy during an encounter years earlier, costing the life of his captain

Mar 14 - S.C.E. #60: The Clean Up
Excellent characterization and a tense story bring the Miradorn back in this post-Dominion War tale.

Mar 10 - The Deadly Years
Kirk and his senior staff are exposed to a disease which causes them to age rapidly and leads a commodore to question Kirk's fitness to command.

Mar 6 - New Frontier: Missing in Action
In the sequel to 'After the Fall', Calhoun is trapped far from home and Shelby faces impending tragedy.

Mar 3 - Friday's Child
The Federation and the Klingon Empire compete for an alliance with the people of a mineral-rich planet.

Feb 27 - Starfleet Corps of Engineers: Blackout
While the da Vinci faces a planetwide blackout, Bart contemplates marriage and infidelity.

Feb 24 - Journey To Babel
Meet Spock's parents, the Tellarites, the Andorians and the workings of the Federation, with space battles and a murder mystery too!

Feb 17 - Metamorphosis
When their shuttle is diverted by a strange energy formation, Kirk, Spock and McCoy are shocked to find warp drive inventor Zephram Cochrane, stranded there with the cloudlike being The Companion.

Feb 10 - I, Mudd
The Enterprise is hijacked by powerful androids working for one of the least scrupulous men in the galaxy.

Feb 3 - Catspaw
It's trick or treat for the Enterprise crew, only there isn't really much of a treat after all.

Feb 1 - Artificial Life Possibilities: A Star Trek Perspective
A new book on artificial intelligence and robotics explains the technology behind Data and the EMH.

Jan 27 - The Doomsday Machine
The USS Enterprise and damaged USS Constellation face off against a planet killer.

Jan 22 - Star Trek Titan: Orion's Hounds
As Titan ventures beyond known space, the telepaths in her crew are overwhelmed by an alien cry of distress.

Jan 20 - The Apple
Kirk leads a landing party to a paradise with a particularly unpleasant snake in the garden.

Jan 13 - Mirror, Mirror
Four crewmembers switch places with their parallels in another universe, where savagery reigns and advancement is by assassination.

Jan 11 - Starfleet Corps of Engineers: Honor
Two officers must weigh the Prime Directive against a potential genocide in the 58th series eBook.

Jan 6 - The Changeling
A powerful probe called Nomad, the hybrid of an Earth probe and an alien machine, mistakes Kirk for its creator and tells him of its plan to destroy all impurities - including the imperfect crew of the Enterprise.

Dec 28 - S.C.E.: Out of the Cocoon
The S.C.E. faces technophobia in the latest eBook installment, reviewed by Jacqueline Bundy.

Dec 23 - Who Mourns For Adonais?
The Enterprise is trapped by the Greek god Apollo, who wants to be worshipped again. Kirk is unimpressed, though one of his crewmembers falls in love with the god.

Dec 16 - Amok Time
When Spock enters the pon farr, the Vulcan time of mating, Kirk violates Starfleet orders to bring Spock home to Vulcan for a wedding that goes somewhat awry.

Dec 9 - Operation: Annihilate!
Spock's nervous system and those of the colonists on Deneva - including Kirk's brother Sam and his family - are taken over by vicious parasitic aliens.

Dec 9 - String Theory Book Two: Fusion
Jacqueline Bundy reviews this latest novel in which Voyager pursues Tuvok, the middle of a three-part series reflecting back to the show's origins.

Dec 2 - The City on the Edge of Forever
Trapped in Earth's past, Kirk must choose between the woman he loves and the lives of untold millions yet unborn.

Nov 25 - The Alternative Factor
Captain Kirk meets a man named Lazarus who seems to be mysteriously connected to an effect that could destroy the universe.

Nov 23 - S.C.E.: Wounds
Jacqueline Bundy reviews the latest eBook duology, in which Dr. Bashir and Dr. Lense are caught in a civil war.

Nov 18 - Errand of Mercy
Sent to establish an alliance with the unsophisticated planet Organia, Kirk is disgusted to find the inhabitants apathetic to invading Klingons.

Nov 11 - The Devil in the Dark
Something is killing the miners of Janus VI. Spock thinks it might not be life as they know it.

Nov 4 - This Side of Paradise
On a planet where spores offer health and contentment, Spock falls in love and Kirk fights to keep his crew from abandoning ship.

Nov 2 - Star Trek: Voyager: Distant Shores
Jacqueline Bundy reviews the new collection of 'Voyager' series-era short stories.

Oct 28 - A Taste of Armageddon
The Enterprise is caught in the midst of a civil war between two planets fought entirely by computer.

Oct 25 - Titan: The Red King
Jacqueline Bundy reviews the second book about Riker's command on the Titan, which takes the crew through a rift in Romulan space.

Oct 21 - Space Seed
Kirk and his crew find a "sleeper ship" of genetically bred superhumans led by the 20th century dictator Khan Noonian Singh.

Oct 14 - The Return of the Archons
Kirk has another of his patented run-ins with an omniscient dictator. Score: Kirk 2, Omniscient Dictator 0.

Oct 7 - Court Martial
After a crewman dies in an ion storm, Star Trek has its first man-vs.-machine legal battle with Kirk's career at stake.

Oct 1 - Edenborn
Jacqueline Bundy reviews former Star Trek writer Nick Sagan's novel of a world devastated by illness.

Sep 30 - Tomorrow Is Yesterday
When the Enterprise is sent back in time to the 20th century, an air force pilot who spots the "UFO" is beamed aboard when the Enterprise must destroy his ship and its weapons.

Sep 23 - Arena
To stop a space battle, powerful aliens put Kirk into single combat against an alien captain.

Sep 19 - S.C.E. #54: Security
Jacqueline Bundy looks at the e-book that reveals Domenica Corsi's past.

Sep 16 - The Squire of Gothos
A powerful alien named Trelane abducts crewmembers for his amusement, but when Kirk refuses to play his games, Trelane puts him on trial.

Sep 9 - The Galileo Seven
An away mission led by Spock falls victim to a disastrous crash on a hostile planet, where Spock and McCoy fight over the ineffectuality of his strictly logical approach to the situation.

Sep 7 - Death In Winter
Jacqueline Bundy reviews the novel in which Picard and Crusher attempt to find resolution to their lengthy, rocky relationship.

Sep 3 - Fables of the Prime Directive
Jacqueline Bundy says that this novel takes a hard look at the ideology of the Federation's most sacred law.

Sep 2 - Shore Leave
The crew takes shore leave on an idyllic planet, but when people's fantasies begin to come true - deadly as well as benign - Kirk must evade his own demons to solve the mystery.

Aug 26 - Balance of Terror
The Romulans destroy an outpost and Kirk pursues their vessel, whose cloaking device enables the ship to vanish from sensors.

Aug 19 - The Conscience of the King
Kirk attempts to use a production of 'Hamlet' to expose a potential murderer from his past.

Aug 12 - Enterprise Blues Band
Jacqueline Bundy listens to the first CD of this new band consisting of Vaughn Armstrong, Casey Biggs, Ronald B. Moore, and other 'Trek' veterans.

Aug 10 - Star Trek S.C.E. #52: Identity Crisis
Jacqueline Bundy reviews John Ordover's first book in the eBook-only Trek series.

Aug 7 - Star Trek Vanguard: Harbinger
Jacqueline Bundy looks at the 'pilot novel' for this new station-based book series set in the TOS era.

Aug 6 - String Theory Book One, Cohesion
A well-paced, well-characterised novel set during 'Voyager' impresses Jacqueline Bundy.

Aug 5 - The Menagerie Parts I & II
Kirk watches Star Trek's original pilot episode as evidence in Spock's courtmartial for mutiny.

July 29 - The Corbomite Maneuver
When an alien threatens to destroy the Enterprise for trespassing, Kirk has to play outside the first contact rule book.

July 28 - S.C.E. #51: Lost Time
Jacqueline Bundy enjoyed this latest visit to Deep Space Nine with the S.C.E. but says it's not the best introduction to the series for newer readers.

July 22 - Dagger of the Mind
While Kirk goes to investigate a penal colony psychiatrist, Spock uses the mind meld to get some answers.

July 15 - Miri
Kirk charms a young lady whose planet holds the deadly secret of eternal youth.

July 10 - Tales from the Captain's Table
Jacqueline Bundy reviews this sequel to The Captain's Table, the mysterious establishment where senior officers tell their stories.

July 9 - What Are Little Girls Made Of?
Long before Picard defended Data's humanity, Star Trek took on the question of whether an android could be human and vice versa.

June 24 - Mudd's Women
Harry Mudd makes his first appearance as a wonder drug turns three ordinary women into sex goddesses to be sold to lonely men.

June 18 - The Enemy Within
Kirk discovers that his capacity for violence and skirt-chasing comes from the same source as his command abilities.

June 13 - Articles of the Federation
Keith R.A. DeCandido's novel of Federation politics offers a very appealing group of characters and an involving story, writes Jacqueline Bundy.

June 12 - Starfleet Corps of Engineers: Malefictorum
The 50th book in the eBook series portrays Domenica Corsi 'in all her tenacious glory', writes Jacqueline Bundy.

June 10 - The Naked Time
An unknown virus lowers the crew's inhibitions, leading to mayhem as Enterprise spirals toward a dying planet.

June 10 - Zero Hour
Archer wins the ballgame in sudden-death overtime. Then there's Nazis!

June 10 - The Forgotten
Archer gets his used-car salesman on. Reed and Hoshi get Travis back from an even more mediocre life. Samus gets equipped with Bubble Lead. No, wait....

June 8 - Damage
Will Archer become a pirate? And if so, can he train Porthos to perch on his shoulder?

June 6 - Azati Prime
Archer vs. the future, Round 3 -- will Travis be the first casualty?

June 4 - Where No Man Has Gone Before
Star Trek's second pilot actually aired as its third episode, part of a recurring theme about what happens when people become godlike.

May 27 - Charlie X
Charlie's our new darling, our darling, our darling, until crewmembers start disappearing and Kirk must explain the facts of life.

May 26 - Hollow Men
Jacqueline Bundy reviews Una McCormack's DS9 novel, a sequel to 'In the Pale Moonlight.'

May 21 - Taking Wing
Riker sets off on his own command in the new Pocket Books novel following the events of 'Nemesis', reviewed by Jacqueline Bundy.

May 20 - The Man Trap
Michelle Erica Green's review of the first-ever broadcast hour of 'Star Trek'...in which Kirk encounters his first femme fatale.

May 14 - These Are the Voyages...
A Starfleet luminary finds faith of the heart as he studies the NX-01 historical documents, trying to decide what to do about the Pegasus.

May 14 - 'Enterprise' Ending Spectacular
Les Moonves & Scott Bakula interviews so exclusive they didn't even know they gave them! Disclaimer: Not to be read as a statement that the ending is spectacular.

May 14 - Terra Prime
With T'Pol and Tucker held hostage by a xenophobe, Archer tries to salvage a planetary alliance without sacrificing his crewmembers.

May 8 - SCE: Small World
Jacqueline Bundy reports that the body count in this David Mack offering is lower than fans may have come to expect.

May 7 - Demons
'Enterprise' finally summons the courage to make an episode reminiscent of the original series rather than just using its props.

May 1 - In a Mirror, Darkly Part Two
Absolute power corrupts absolutely as Archer imagines himself Captain, Commodore...Emperor!

Apr 23 - In A Mirror, Darkly
In the mirror universe, first officer Archer leads a mutiny against Captain Forrest to get ahold of invaluable Terran technology. The usual torture, recrimination and sex ensues.

Apr 16 - Bound
The title of this episode is supposed to make you think titillating bondage-related thoughts. Unfortunately watching it may only appeal to masochists.

Apr 7 - Warp 11's 'Boldly Go Down...'
Jacqueline Bundy bops to the sci-fi rock group's groove on their latest album. Warning: Parental Advisory!

Mar 23 - I.K.S. Gorkon, Book Three: Enemy Territory
Jacqueline Bundy gives the thumbs-up to the third novel in Keith R.A. DeCandido's Klingon-centered novel series.

Feb 27 - Creative Couplings Parts 1 and 2
Jacqueline Bundy reviews two eBooks encompassing a holodeck disaster and the first Jewish-Klingon wedding.

Feb 26 - Divergence
As Enterprise and Columbia attempt to rescue Phlox from the Klingons and Phlox attempts to rescue the Klingons from their own folly, cloak-and-dagger scheming makes matters difficult for Reed and Archer.

Feb 19 - Affliction
While the Klingons take desperate measures to counteract a plague threatening their existence, Archer learns of a threat to his ship from within.

Feb 14 - Spin
Jacqueline Bundy reviews the latest SCE eBook, in which the Starfleet Corps of Engineers faces a derelict ship.

Feb 12 - The Aenar
While Archer and Shran go to Andoria for help fighting a telepathically controlled marauder ship, Tucker seeks help fighting his own feelings.

Feb 11 - Ex Machina
Jacqueline Bundy reviews Christopher Bennett's print sequel to 'Star Trek: The Motion Picture' featuring McCoy's onetime wife Natira.

Feb 5 - United
To try to hold a multi-species alliance together against the Romulans, Archer fights a duel to the death versus Shran.

Jan 31 - From Sawdust to Stardust
Jacqueline Bundy reviews Terry Lee Rioux's new biography of DeForest Kelley.

Jan 29 - Babel One
While transporting a Tellarites and Andorians who don't trust each other, nor the Vulcan first officer, Enterprise discovers potential alien meddling. Um, yes, this does sound familiar...

Jan 23 - Worlds of Deep Space Nine, Volumes II and III
Jacqueline Bundy reviews the latest installments of the Deep Space Nine fiction relaunch.

Jan 22 - Observer Effect
Aliens take over the bodies of Enterprise crewmembers, and Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens try to set a record for pillaging previous Trek scripts.

Jan 15 - Daedalus
When the father of the transporter - and a friend of Archer's own father - comes aboard Enterprise, the ship enters a realm of fear.

Jan 5 - To Reign In Hell
Jacqueline Bundy reviews Greg Cox's novel about the exile and madness of Khan Noonien Singh.

Dec 23 - S.C.E. #45: The Art Of The Deal
Jacqueline Bundy says this latest 'Starfleet Corps of Engineers' eBook is a well-written and original addition to the series.

Dec 19 - Star Trek S.C.E.: Where Time Stands Still
Remember 'The Time Trap'? Jacqueline Bundy reviews the book that tells what happens next.

Dec 13 - Starfleet Corps of Engineers: Paradise Interrupted
Jacqueline Bundy reviews the latest S.C.E. novella, set on the pleasure planet Risa.

Dec 8 - After the Fall
Jacqueline Bundy reviews the latest 'New Frontier' novel, which takes a leap into the future.

Dec 4 - Duty, Honor, Redemption
Jacqueline Bundy reviews this new edition of three of the most popular Star Trek motion pictures.

Dec 4 - Kir'Shara
While Archer hopes to change Vulcan from within, Tucker tries to stop a war.

Nov 27 - Star Trek S.C.E.: Wildfire
Jacqueline Bundy reviews this anthology of Starfleet Corps of Engineers eBooks.

Nov 27 - Awakening
Archer struggles with the weight of 1800 years of Vulcan tradition while Tucker struggles with Vulcan illogic.

Nov 20 - The Forge
A violent tragedy on Vulcan takes Archer and T'Pol into the desert, where they have a close encounter with the roots of Vulcan logic.

Nov 13 - The Augments
While Archer tries to clean up the mess, Soong's children defy their father and threaten to spark a war between Earth and the Klingon Empire.

Nov 6 - Cold Station 12
While retrieving the embryos of other Augments, Soong's 'children' show signs of adolescent rebellion.

Oct 30 - Borderland
Archer must make a deal with the devil in the form of a geneticist determined to find freedom for himself and his 'children.'

Oct 27 - A Time for War, A Time for Peace
Jacqueline Bundy says that the final installment of the 'A Time To...' series brings the book collection to a satisfying conclusion.

Oct 23 - Home
The meat in the sandwich - T'Pol showing Tucker what Vulcan is like - makes 'Home' substantial, but the two Earth sideplots add unnecessary sugar.

Oct 16 - Storm Front, Part Two
Nazis, aliens, jets, mobsters, Suliban, Hitler, time travel, shapeshifters, machine guns...reset button. Business as usual.

Oct 9 - Storm Front, Part One
It's got mobsters! It's got Nazis! It's got exploding ships! It's got aliens! What more does any television show need? Well, a plot would be nice, but besides that.

Oct 8 - Trekkies 2 Soundtrack
Jacqueline Bundy reviews the official soundtrack of the film about fan lives.

Oct 2 - Sargasso Sector
Author Paul Kupperberg takes "...and things go horribly wrong" to a whole new level in this SCE adventure.

Sep 20 - A Time To Kill, A Time To Heal
Jacqueline Bundy has high praise for this morally complex tale of Picard's crew and a ruthless villain.

Sep 14 - Bitter Medicine
Jacqueline Bundy reviews this SCE story about a doctor who grows too attached to a patient.

Sep 12 - Stargazer: Enigma
Jacqueline Bundy says this novel of Picard's early career may be a difficult read for those who haven't followed the series thus far.

Sep 6 - Trekkies 2
Jacqueline Bundy takes a look - along with Denise Crosby and Roger Nygard - at the interesting personalities that make up Star Trek fandom worldwide.

Aug 6 - Vulcan's Soul, Book One: Exodus
Jacqueline Bundy reviews Josepha Sherman and Susan Shwartz's latest novel about Spock's lost years among the Romulans.

Aug 1 - Tales of the Dominion War
Jacqueline Bundy has high praise for this anthology of tales explaining what was going on throughout the Trek universe while DS9's crew was on the front lines of the struggle.

June 27 - A Time To Love, A Time To Hate
Robert Greenberger sets this series in a stronger direction with a character story interspersed with action.

June 18 - Failsafe
David Mack's fifth Starfleet Corps of Engineers novella pushes the storytelling envelope.

June 14 - Worlds of Deep Space Nine Volume One
This new book series explores the planets central to Deep Space Nine and its characters; in this first volume, that's Cardassia and Andor.

June 9 - Hatchery
Ho hatches the hatchers?

June 5 - Doctor's Orders
Phlox learns that One is the most hallucinogenic number. Guest starring Samus Aran!

June 3 - Grand Designs
Jacqueline Bundy says the latest SCE eBook has a good sense of fun and a twist to die for.

June 3 - Harbinger
T'Pol, Trip, Reed, and Hayes team up to kill subtlety.

May 29 - Stratagem
Archer takes Degra on a phony ride. Hoshi and Travis tell the truth, the forced truth, and nothing but the truth.

May 29 - Daedalus's Children
Jacqueline Bundy says David Stern has come up trumps with this 'Enterprise' novel.

May 27 - Zero Hour
As the Reptilians approach Earth with the weapon, Archer goes on a potential suicide mission that could change the course of the future and spawn an unbelievable cliffhanger.

May 27 - Countdown
47... 46... 45... 44... (well, come on, where else could it start?)

May 25 - Proving Ground
The Expanse gets the blues. Travis and Hoshi get the de-angster. Phlox gets the slammer.

May 23 - The Council
Can Archer persuade the Councillors? He'll give it a Troi.

May 23 - Orphans
Jacqueline Bundy casts a critical eye over the latest SCE eBook and finds the story too confusing.

May 20 - Countdown
Archer persuades the Aquatics to help Enterprise and the other Xindi stop the Reptilians from destroying Earth, but the Reptilians have abducted Sato and use her to obtain the launch codes for the weapon.

May 19 - Chosen Realm
The ship is captured by aliens who see religious issues in half black, half white. Meanwhile, love is in the air, or is it just an aphrodisiac gas?

May 18 - E≤
The crew find their children of... aw, just read MEG's blurb. (5-Minute Enterprise Week begins here!)

May 13 - The Council
As Archer promises the Xindi council proof of the sphere-builders' duplicity, T'Pol leads an away team inside a sphere to provide that proof.

May 6 - E≤
A duplicate Enterprise introduces Archer's crew to its descendants and creates a dilemma for its captain.

May 5 - Ring Around The Sky
Jacqueline Bundy says the latest SCE eBook is a pleasure to read.

May 1 - A Time To Sow & A Time To Harvest
Jacqueline Bundy says this second Next Generation duology in the A Time To... series is an "action-adventure mystery full of surprising twists and turns".

Apr 29 - The Forgotten
Archer knows that he must come to an agreement with Degra, but Tucker can't forgive the Xindi for his sister's death.

Apr 22 - Damage
With his ship severely damaged and his crew strained past the breaking point, Archer considers an act of desperation that would violate his ethics.

Mar 14 - A Time To Be Born & A Time To Die
Pocket Books' new series of Next Generation novels, A Time to..., tell the story of the Enterprise-E crew between Star Trek Insurrection and Star Trek Nemesis. Despite all the build-up, Jacqueline Bundy finds the first two books rather disappointing.

Mar 4 - Azati Prime
Having tracked the Xindi weapon to its point of origin, Archer contemplates the sacrifice that may be necessary to prevent it from reaching Earth.

Feb 28 - The Demon, Books One and Two
Jackie Bundy calls this latest Starfleet Corps of Engineers outing a "thoroughly satisfying read".

Feb 26 - Hatchery
Archer fights to save a shipful of unborn Xindi-Insectoids while his crew questions his sanity.

Feb 19 - Doctor's Orders
Alone on the ship with the crew in comas to avoid damage from spatial distortions, Phlox begins to act very strangely.

Feb 12 - Harbinger
While Archer tries to identify the mission of an alien rescued in the Expanse, T'Pol ponders her relationship with Tucker and Malcolm butts heads with Hayes.

Feb 4 - Stratagem
Alone on a ship with Degra, Archer tries to find out what makes both the Xindi weapon and its creator tick. Some lovely character-building ensues.

Jan 30 - Similitude
Archer and Phlox get in trouble for double-Tripping.

Jan 26 - The Case of the Colonistís Corpse
Captain Kirk's onetime lawyer, Sam Cogley, and ex-flame Ariel Shaw go head to head again in the latest Star Trek novel.

Jan 23 - North Star
'Cause I've got faith of the horse... I'm goin' where my horse will take me....

Jan 22 - Proving Ground
Archer is in for one surprise when Shran and the Andorians turn up in the Expanse to help find the Xindi weapon. Then he's in for some more surprises.

Jan 15 - Chosen Realm
After Archer saves a group of aliens damaged by an anomaly, he is shocked when they take over the ship and start spouting heavy-handed religious cliches.

Jan 12 - Twilight
Archer saves the future from himself, Part 2.

Jan 5 - The Shipment
Archer learns that not all Xindi are evil, just most. Reed gets in a Major machismo contest. Hoshi falls for someone more charming than Travis.

Dec 27 - Catalyst of Sorrows
Margaret Wander Bonanno, who last wrote Trek fiction more than a decade ago, returns with this novel of Uhura and the Lost Era.

Dec 23 - Daedalus
Tucker must recall a painful past experience as Enterprise faces off against an uncertain foe in this latest paperback novel.

Dec 16 - Collective Hindsight
A ship believed lost in the Dominion War resurfaces in the latest S.C.E. stories.

Dec 14 - Honor Bound
Keith R.A. DeCandido provides a Klingon story that Jacqueline Bundy calls "definitely one invigorating and extremely fun read."

Dec 4 - Deny Thy Father
Two Rikers encounter one another in this Lost Era novel that Jacqueline Bundy found somewhat disjointed.

Dec 2 - Carpenter Street
Archer and T'Pol travel back in time for some reason.

Nov 27 - Rocking to a Star Trek Band
Jacqueline Bundy went to discover Warp 11, the band behind "Everything I Do, I Do With William Shatner."

Nov 27 - Carpenter Street
Time-traveling crewman Daniels appears to warn Archer of Xindi in Detroit in the 21st century, leading to some time-travel shenanigans.

Nov 20 - Similitude
When Trip is nearly killed in an engineering accident, Archer approves a plan to create a symbiont to use for tissue. The result rivals "Tuvix" in ethical dilemmas.

Nov 16 - Unity
Jacqueline Bundy says Unity is a worthy addition to the Deep Space Nine relaunch saga.

Nov 13 - North Star
Archer and crew are shocked to find a colony of humans living on a distant planet, where they aren't treating the descendants of their onetime abductors very well.

Nov 7 - Well Of Souls
Jacqueline Bundy takes a look at the latest Lost Era novel, which focuses on Rachel Garrett, captain of the Enterprise-C.

Nov 6 - Twilight
After an anomaly wipes out his ability to form long-term memories, Archer is horrified to learn that the Xindi have destroyed Earth.

Oct 31 - I.K.S. Gorkon: A Good Day To Die
Jacqueline Bundy says Keith R.A. DeCandido is off to a roaring start with his new series following the adventures of the I.K.S. Gorkon.

Oct 30 - The Shipment
Archer discovers a facility refining a dangerous substance for a Xindi weapon, yet learns that the Xindi working there know nothing of the planned use for their product.

Oct 29 - Pantheon
Jacqueline Bundy reviews this Stargazer Signature Edition omnibus, comprising Reunion and The Valiant.

Oct 26 - New Frontier: Stone And Anvil
The conclusion to Peter David's Gods Above had Jacqueline Bundy spellbound.

Oct 20 - New Frontier: No Limits
This New Frontier anthology contains 18 short stories by several familar Star Trek authors. Jacqueline Bundy says the volume contains something for everybody.

Oct 18 - Exile
Hoshi gets in a Beastly relationship. Archer and Trip have a ball.

Oct 18 - Impulse
T'Pol goes from Subcommander to Zombie...mander.

Oct 17 - Starfleet Corps Of Engineers: Buying Time
Jacqueline Bundy says this latest S.C.E. eBook is a "pleasant diversion".

Oct 16 - Exile
When the alien Tarquin offers to help Enterprise find the Xindi in exchange for Sato's company, Archer reluctantly agrees to let her stay. Fortunately, she's up to the challenge.

Oct 9 - Impulse
While hunting for protection from the ravages of the Expanse, Archer leads an away team on a rescue mission to a Vulcan ship and discovers that there are worse things than spatial anomalies.

Oct 9 - Rajiin
Archer gets hooked by a Perfect Mate. Trip spices up his financial dealings.

Oct 5 - Gods Above
Jacqueline Bundy says Gods Above's over-the-top story may not appeal to everyone but New Frontier fans should enjoy the continuing tale of the Excalibur crew.

Oct 3 - Extinction
Archer, Reed, and Hoshi become a modern Stone Age family. Trip's just peachy.

Oct 2 - Rajiin
When Archer rescues a beautiful woman from sexual slavery, he discovers that her skills may yet pose a risk to his crew. Michelle Erica Green found too much of this episode sleazy and obvious.

Sep 30 - The Art Of The Impossible
Jacqueline Bundy is entranced by this latest 'Lost Era' novel, a gripping tale of the 18-year Betreka Nebula 'Incident'.

Sep 25 - Extinction
While following a Xindi ship's trail, Archer, Sato and Reed arrive on a planet that transforms them into aliens. Phlox searches for a cure before containment teams exterminate them.

Sep 22 - Anomaly
Archer takes a walk on the black coffee side.

Sep 19 - Prophecy And Change
Although it has some weak points, Jacqueline Bundy says this 'Deep Space Nine' anthology is a must for dedicated fans.

Sep 18 - Anomaly
While pursuing aliens who have taken advantage of the ship's damaged condition, Archer and crew discover one of the Expanse's best-hidden secrets.

Sep 17 - The Xindi
Archer begins his bold, daring mission in the Expanse by getting captured and needing some big strong men to save him. Sissy.

Sep 11 - The Xindi
After six weeks in the Delphic Expanse, Archer has only a slim lead on tracking down the Xindi. When he follows it, he receives startling information about the mysterious aliens.

Sep 7 - Stargazer: Oblivion
Jacqueline Bundy enjoyed this 'entertaining adventure' which explores the relationship between Picard and Guinan.

Sep 5 - A Night in Sickbay
Archer confronts his intense lack of sexual tension with T'Pol, mostly to shut up Sigmund Phlox. Porthos, a bat, and a water polo ball compete to see who can have the worst day.

Aug 30 - Serpents Among The Ruins
Jacqueline Bundy says the untold story of the Tomed Incident will shock and amaze readers.

Aug 29 - Stargazer: Three
Jacqueline Bundy says 'Three' has some redeeming features, but the overall product is little better than a mediocre television episode.

Aug 29 - Dead Stop
B'Elanna kills Travis. No, really.

Aug 2 - Aftermath
As the Starfleet Corps of Engineers saga continues to unfold, Jacqueline Bundy finds plenty to like in Christopher L. Bennett's new instalment.

July 26 - The Sundered
Jacqueline Bundy plunges into the murky waters of The Lost Era and finds whole new chapter of Star Trek history to explore.

July 4 - Breakdowns
Jacqueline Bundy says the latest Starfleet Corps of Engineers outing is a "poignant and delightful story" which lives up to the high standards set by the series.

June 25 - Homecoming & The Farther Shore
Two years after the end of the 'Voyager' television show, Jacqueline Bundy says she's disappointed with the 'Voyager' novel relaunch.

May 24 - Balance Of Nature
Jacqueline Bundy says this latest instalment in the Starfleet Corps of Engineers series maintains the high standard set by the other stories.

May 22 - The Expanse
When an attack devastates Earth, Archer, T'Pol and Starfleet have difficult choices to make. Despite the tragedy, the second season of 'Enterprise' ends on a high note.

May 15 - Bounty
While Archer tries to get away from a Tellarite seeking to collect the price the Klingons have put on his head, T'Pol is infected with a pathogen that causes her mating drive to kick in.

May 15 - First Flight
While searching for a dark matter nebula, Archer tries to come to terms with the death of the friend and rival who vied with him for piloting privileges during early NX testing. This nostalgic episode earns feel-good points for the series.

May 8 - Regeneration
When a team of scientists is abducted after finding the ruins of a mysterious sphere, Archer and crew pursue the cybernetically enhanced aliens responsible. It's the "never call them the Borg" episode!

May 4 - The Left Hand Of Destiny
Jacqueline Bundy was awed by this new two-book Klingon saga from the pen of Jeffrey Lang and Martok himself, J.G. Hertzler.

May 1 - Cogenitor
Tucker meets a member of an oppressed third sex, but his interference with the alien culture has grave repercussions. This is Enterprise's finest hour so far.

Apr 26 - Horizon
When Enterprise heads off to investigate seismic activity on a pair of gas giants, Mayweather takes time to visit his family and Tucker arranges for the crew to watch Frankenstein.

Apr 24 - The Breach
Reed and Trip find out what happens when you let Travis run the show. Archer helps Phlox come to terms with prejudice by Cardassians against Vulcans. Or something.

Apr 24 - The Breach
When Enterprise rescues an Antaran while on a mission to retrieve a group of Denobulans, Phlox refuses to force treatment upon an alien who despises his people.

Apr 14 - Age Of Unreason
Jacqueline Bundy says this latest 'Starfleet Corps of Engineers' adventure can't measure up to the other stories.

Apr 10 - Judgment
When Archer rescues a group of refugees, he is called before a Klingon tribunal and accused of aiding traitors. He must convince his defender that it's worth taking on the system.

Apr 9 - The Crossing
Archer and T'Pol wonder whether there is, in truth, no beauty. Reed fights a puff of smoke and loses. Porthos gives a new career a Troi.

Apr 3 - The Crossing
When Enterprise is taken over by a ship run by non-corporeal beings, Archer must find a way to get his crewmembers' minds back into their bodies.

Apr 2 - Minefield
Archer and Reed have a game of Minesweeper. Reed wishes he'd stuck to Solitaire.

Mar 7 - Surak's Soul
Jacqueline Bundy says the philosophical themes explored in Surak's Soul can't compensate for the weak plot.

Mar 2 - Home Fires
Jacqueline Bundy calls this latest Starfleet Corps of Engineers book a "complete and satisfying story" and a "wonderful" follow-up to the events of Wildfire.

Feb 28 - Gemini
Jacqueline Bundy examines Mike W. Barr's Original Series novel, discovering that it's a serviceable Trek adventure story, but nothing remarkable.

Feb 27 - Canamar
On a prison transport, Archer and Tucker discover that there are worse things than authoritarian jailers and terrible food.

Feb 21 - Future Tense
When Enterprise retrieves a vessel that appears to be from the future, both Suliban and Tholian ships claim the right of salvage.

Feb 17 - Cease Fire
Archer learns that being a pacifier sucks.

Feb 13 - Cease Fire
Archer finds himself in the unenviable position of working with Ambassador Soval and Shran to stop a Vulcan-Andorian war. Good thing he keeps his sense of humor.

Feb 7 - Wildfire One and Two
Jacqueline Bundy calls this e-book series "a story that will leave your senses reeling, your eyes moist, and your heart and mind forever changed."

Feb 6 - Stigma
While Phlox searches for a way to treat T'Pol's rare illness without exposing her to the wrath of Vulcan doctors, one of his wives tries to get to know Tucker better. Two stories of tolerance, superbly told.

Jan 19 - Star Trek The Adventure
AntonyF reviews this mobile Star Trek event, which features props and rides, and is currently located in Hyde Park, UK.

Jan 12 - Dawn
Tucker crashes on a moon with the alien who shot him down and plays Enemy Mine.

Jan 5 - Rising Son
After Jake Sisko disappeared early in the post-series Deep Space Nine novels, where did he go? Jacqueline Bundy finds out.

Dec 19 - The Catwalk
When the ship must travel through deadly radiation, Archer and the crew hide in the catwalks by the warp nacelles and bond in close quarters.

Dec 13 - War Stories One and Two
What did the crew of the da Vinci do during the Dominion War? Series Keith DeCandido reveals all!

Dec 12 - Precious Cargo
When he's called to repair a broken stasis pod, Tucker finds a beautiful woman being held against her will. He plays Han Solo to her Princess Leia, with mixed results.

Dec 7 - The Brave and the Bold
Keith DeCandido takes readers hunting for artifacts throughout the known Trek universe in this excellent pair of novels.

Dec 3 - Vanishing Point
Hoshi simultaneously invents the transporter accident, the misleading dream sequence, and the sport of extreme knife-eating. Reed is furious to see his record broken.

Nov 28 - Vanishing Point
Sato uses the transporter and gets her molecules scrambled in just the way Bones McCoy always feared he might.

Nov 24 - The Nanotech War
Set during series-time, this new Voyager story introduces multidimensional aliens and gives Janeway and Seven of Nine a tough alien situation to handle.

Nov 21 - Singularity
When the ship approaches a black hole, the crew starts acting bonkers. You've seen it before, but never with this much humor.

Nov 14 - The Communicator
When Reed leaves his communicator on a pre-warp planet, he and Archer risk greater exposure to get it back. Well-written but inconsistent, this is still one of the series' deeper episodes.

Nov 11 - What Price Honor?
Jacqueline Bundy was alternately frustrated and bored by this new Enterprise story.

Nov 7 - The Seventh
When T'Pol is asked by the Vulcan High Command to apprehend a fugitive, Archer learns of her career before Starfleet. Jolene Blalock gives a great performance in a moving episode.

Nov 2 - Mission Gamma: Cathedral and Lesser Evil
Jacqueline Bundy finds the Mission Gamma books as good as a season of televised DS9 episodes.

Oct 31 - Marauders
While searching for deuterium, Enterprise comes across a colony besieged by Klingons. Though derivative, this Western works well.

Oct 29 - Enigma Ship
Jacqueline Bundy gives very enthusiastic thumbs up to the S.C.E.'s encounter with telepathic aliens.

Oct 19 - The Captain's Peril
The first volume of William Shatner's latest trilogy fails to impress Jacqueline Bundy, who finds his character obnoxious.

Oct 17 - A Night In Sickbay
When Porthos picks up an alien pathogen and nearly dies, Archer must deal with stress, grief and unresolved lust for his first officer. Did Kirk have problems like this?

Oct 10 - Dead Stop
When an alien space station offers to repair Enterprise for a pittance, it sounds too good to be true. And it is, but Michelle Erica Green thinks it does quite well until that point.

Oct 10 - Carbon Creek
T'Pol tells the story of her long-lost ancestor Shannon T'Donnell.

Oct 10 - Deep Space Nine: Mission Gamma
The trials of the new crew of Deep Space Nine continue in these post-finale novels, which Jacqueline Bundy enjoyed greatly.

Oct 4 - Minefield
Enterprise meets Romulans and Reed gets in touch with his fears. Otherwise, this is a pretty formulaic defusing-a-bomb story.

Oct 2 - Shockwave II
Archer saves T'Pol from Silik. T'Pol saves Archer from Soval. Hoshi saves Reed from boredom. Nobody bothers saving Travis.

Sep 26 - Carbon Creek
After Roswell but before Montana, T'Pol's great-grandmother visits Earth and finds it rather quaint for a planet on the verge of self-destruction.

Sep 21 - S.C.E.'s 'Foundations' Trilogy
What were the S.C.E. up to in Kirk's era? Flashbacks tell the tale. Jacqueline Bundy enjoyed them a lot.

Sep 19 - Shockwave, Part Two
Archer constructs a temporal communicator using stone knives and bearskins. Michelle Erica Green was amused but not entirely impressed with the season premiere.

Sep 8 - S.C.E.'s 'Past Life' and 'Oaths'
The Evora return in 'Past Life' with a problem that could take them from the Federation, while in 'Oaths,' Dr. Lense has a career crisis. Jacqueline Bundy finds both stories engrossing.

Aug 24 - 'Amazing Stories' & 'I'm Working On That'
In her latest column, Jacqueline Bundy takes as look at the Star Trek short story anthology 'Amazing Stories' and William Shatner's book about the scientific influence of Star Trek, 'I'm Working on That: A Trek from Science Fiction to Science Fact.'

Aug 15 - 'No Surrender' and 'Caveat Emptor'
In two recent S.C.E. novels, the crew of the da Vinci face a sabotaged prison and a crew of Ferengi possessed by Landru.

Aug 7 - Starfleet Corps of Engineers #9-12
Jacqueline Bundy reviews S.C.E volumes 9-12, as Captain Gold's crew deals with ambushes, computer problems and their ever-developing personal relationships.

Aug 3 - Summer Reading Roundup
This summer, Pocket Books brings back both the original series and Next Gen in several new book series, including a wonderful Klingon trilogy and a film-era novel by a beloved 'Voyager' writer.

June 25 - Shockwave
The Temporal War finally gives up on being Cold. Daniels takes Archer on a quantum leap. Reed gets to blow up everybody.

May 30 - Two Days And Two Nights
Archer loses at "Spy vs. Spy." Trip and Reed do a subplot about nothing, not that there's anything wrong with that. Phlox faces his greatest challenge... in his sleep?

May 29 - Desert Crossing
Archer and Trip have a nice, long walk. T'Pol foils a pretender to the throne. Porthos gets repetitive.

May 29 - Fallen Hero
A British Vulcan invites everyone to play a game of "Scandal, She Faked." Archer and T'Pol argue about the rules.

May 28 - Vox Sola
Archer and Trip experiment with male bonding. Travis breaks the Prime Directive. T'Pol says things.

May 26 - Detained
Archer and Mayweather take a trip down The Chute. Sato joins the nouveau riche. Porthos kicks butt!

May 23 - Oasis
Hoshi's Job Search, Conclusion. Enterprise runs into a shifty character. Trip goes for double Kessage.

May 23 - Shockwave
After an Enterprise shuttlepod apparently destroys a mining colony, Starfleet orders the mission terminated. But are those pesky time-traveling Suliban involved? What do you think?

May 21 - Acquisition
Hoshi's Job Search, Part 2. Archer and Travis make a special announcement. Tucker stops a takeover with his bare Hanes. Porthos takes a breather.

May 16 - Two Days and Two Nights
A brief sojourn on Risa generates romance in unexpected places, but betrayal in all the spots viewers can see coming. Still, it's a welcome change of pace with beautiful filming, according to Michelle Erica Green.

May 9 - Desert Crossing
When Archer accepts a dinner invitation from a captain whose ship he helped, he learns that his reputation has preceded him. This well-scripted episode also features great visuals and entertaining action.

May 9 - Fallen Hero
Archer fights to protect a Vulcan ambassador but can't save this episode from bogging down in its own illogic.

May 3 - Sev Trek - Pus In Boots
Based on the successful Internet comic strip, the first Sev Trek movie sees Captain Pinchhard and crew pitted against a giant pimple after it breaks off from Piker's face. Michelle Erica Green says the film is 'truly a delight for longtime readers and newcomers alike.'

May 2 - Vox Sola
Archer and Tucker find themselves trapped in the tentacles of a slime creature, but the captain insists they can't give up the game. T'Pol gives Sato a similar pep talk. Game, set, match.

Apr 25 - Detained
Michelle Erica Green says this current events allegory is gutsy, but ultimately fails because it's all a little too clean-cut.

Apr 20 - Spring Star Trek Books
Light holographic pastimes share shelf space with the Eugenics Wars and the Battle of Betazed in this spring's Trek book offerings.

Apr 4 - Oasis
While scavenging for parts to salvage, Enterprise meets another damsel in distress with a shocking secret. Michelle Erica Green has seen this story before.

Mar 29 - Acquisition
Long before humans knew their species' name, the Ferengi encountered Archer's crew. Prototypically, silliness ensued.

Mar 29 - Rogue Planet
Our heroes visit The Planet That Always Sleeps. Hoshi goes job-hunting.

Mar 21 - Rogue Planet
The crew encounters a hunting species with great camouflage technology, yet no empathy for the beings they pursue. Think Hirogen chasing Seven of Nine, and you've got this episode.

Mar 6 - Fusion
Archer beats up Vorik for causing The First Temptation Of T'Pol. Trip chooses the red pill.

Feb 28 - Fusion
When Enterprise encounters a ship of Vulcans who have chosen to embrace emotion, Archer and T'Pol learn about the risks and rewards of such an endeavor. Fine performances and a solid script make this a very solid episode.

Feb 22 - Shuttlepod One
Isolated and losing air, Reed and Tucker have nothing to fear but beer itself. The computer lodges a few protests.

Feb 14 - Shuttlepod One
When they find what they believe to be Enterprise's wreckage, Tucker and Reed come into conflict over the one's resolute optimism and the other's verbose depression. Fine acting can't save a cliche-riddled, anachronistic script.

Feb 14 - Trek Books For Your Valentine
Reviews of 'By the Book,' 'In the Name of Honor,' 'Immortal Coil' and several S.C.E. books.

Feb 14 - Shadows of P'Jem
Archer has one of his dog days. Sopek finds Trip's commanding presence somewhat lacking. T'Pol narrowly escapes visiting her family and friends.

Feb 7 - Shadows of P'Jem
Though Starfleet wants Archer to stay out of other species' conflicts, he has no choice but to get involved when her Vulcan superiors reassign T'Pol. Strange humor and smart conflict light up 'Shadows of P'Jem.'

Feb 6 - Sleeping Dogs
T'Pol, Reed, and Hoshi have a Titanic adventure. Archer confuses the words "trip" and "transvestite." Porthos gets some shuteye.

Jan 31 - Sleeping Dogs
'Remind me to stop trying to help people,' announces Captain Archer when an encounter with the Klingons proves nastier than expected, yet a lot of fun for viewers.

Jan 26 - Dear Doctor
Phlox takes advantage of a narration gig to do his award-winning Mengele impression. Cutler, apparently not over those hallucinations from "Strange New World," puts the moves on him. Hoshi speaks in tongues.

Jan 24 - Dear Doctor
In an era before the Prime Directive, Archer must decide whether to save a civilization doomed by evolution to fall. Michelle Erica Green calls this the show's first truly great episode.

Jan 20 - Silent Enemy
Enterprise heads back to Earth, until Travis notices that he's left the gear shift in reverse. Hoshi goes Sam Spade.

Jan 17 - Silent Enemy
While Enterprise burns, Sato bakes a birthday cake. Michelle Erica Green finds the episode well-paced yet uninspiring.

Jan 9 - Winter Reading Roundup
Michelle Erica Green reviews New Frontier book twelve, 'Being Human,' 'The Genesis Wave, Book Three,' the Deep Space Nine 'Millennium' trilogy and 'Starship Spotter.'

Dec 1 - Cold Front
Archer discovers he's not "smooth as Silik." Some pilgrims improve their plumage. The Porthos Mystery is finally answered -- or is it?

Nov 29 - Cold Front
When a crewmember reveals himself to be a time traveler from hundred years in the future hours after a Suliban saves his ship, Archer must decide whom to trust. Michelle Erica Green finds this one of Trek's best time travel plots.

Nov 25 - Fortunate Son
T'Pol makes the most of her situation. Phlox lights up Archer's life. Travis gets his moment in the sun. Hoshi minds her own business.

Nov 22 - Fortunate Son
Enterprise tries to help a cargo ship and ends up in the middle of a messy conflict with Nausicaans in this tightly-written, well-played episode.

Nov 18 - Civilization
Archer decides he doesn't embody enough Kirk stereotypes yet. T'Pol learns the terrible truth. Tucker objects.

Nov 17 - The 'Gateways' Series
Though few fans will love all the books, most will enjoy several of this ambitious miniseries in which travel at the speed of thought becomes a reality across the galaxy.

Nov 15 - Civilization
Archer has a 'Thine Own Self' dilemma when he finds aliens meddling with a pre-warp culture. This bland and derivative episode is strengthened by two strong heroines.

Nov 13 - Breaking the Ice
Vulcans save the day, infuriating Archer. Hoshi invents herself a groupie. Reed and Mayweather blow up some baking soda. Porthos gets a job.

Nov 8 - Breaking the Ice
While Reed and Mayweather try to drill their way to the heart of a comet, Archer tries to melt the facade of a visiting Vulcan captain and Tucker gets a peek behind T'Pol's icy exterior. This excellent character episode has fine visuals, too.

Nov 6 - The Andorian Incident
Tucker plays with fire. Porthos meets his father. Phlox gets stuck with a complicated zoological problem.

Nov 1 - The Andorian Incident
When Andorians take over a Vulcan sanctuary, they appear to be living up to their reputations as bullies, but are the Vulcans telling everything they know? Michelle Erica Green finds the performances more interesting than the plot of this episode.

Oct 29 - Terra Nova
Archer gets rid of a pet peeve, drawing disapproval from T'Pol. Reed goes Charlton Heston. Travis guards things.

Oct 25 - Terra Nova
Enterprise goes looking for a lost human colony, but faces the complications of human fear and distrust. Michelle Erica Green finds the episode flawed but engrossing.

Oct 24 - Unexpected
Trip gets one in the oven; Phlox prescribes some heavy reading. Archer and T'Pol destroy the Klingon Empire before lunch.

Oct 18 - Unexpected
Tucker gets pregnant, but finds that experience less traumatic than undergoing decompression with Klingons. Michelle Erica Green tries to look on the bright side, yet finds little to like in this episode.

Oct 13 - Strange New World
Archer lets the dog out of the bag. Trip tries out for a role in 'Conspiracy Theory.' T'Pol outbluffs hallucinatory poker strippers.

Oct 11 - Strange New World
The crew of the Enterprise explore an alien world, expressing their wonder about its friendly, Earth-like atmosphere. But then the crew begins to succumb to paranoia, in an episode that Michelle Erica Green says is both creepier and wittier than earlier Trek episodes with the same premise.

Oct 10 - 'Celebrations,' 'Broken Bow' & 'Invincible 2'
Michelle Erica Green reviews the latest Star Trek books for the fall and holiday seasons.

Oct 5 - Fight or Flight
Sato goes sluggish, but gets over it. Phlox has way too much fun being CMO.

Oct 4 - Fight or Flight
Enterprise encounters a derelict ship whose crew suffered a horrific fate, forcing Sato to reevaluate her desire to travel in space. Michelle Erica Green reevaluates Archer's command style and admires "the creepy haunted-house feel" of 'Fight or Flight.'

Oct 2 - Broken Bow
Captain Archer is dispatched to return an injured Klingon to his homeworld, sending him on humanity's first deep-space mission. In her own very first Enterprise review, Michelle Erica Green wonders whether the show's "bizarre sort of retro" works to make it a good series.

Oct 2 - Broken Bow
Archer sets right what once went wrong. T'Pol takes a trip to the decontamination room.

Aug 21 - 'Gateways,' 'Invincible' & 'Divided We Fall'
Michelle Erica Green reviews the latest Star Trek Books available for late Summer reading.

July 13 - S.C.E. & Stardate 2002 Calendar
Michelle Erica Green looks at the latest three 'Star Trek: S.C.E.' eBooks, 'Interphase, Books One and Two' and 'Cold Fusion,' and the new daily Trek calendar, Stardate 2002.

July 5 - 'Section 31: Abyss'
The Federation's most secretive organisation comes back to haunt Dr. Bashir. Plus: 'Divided We Fall.'

June 25 - 'Section 31: Cloak'
'Rogue' and 'Shadow,' the first two novels in the Section 31 series, explored the secretive intelligence agency in an era when we knew about its existence. In 'Cloak,' author S.D. Perry attempts to show us how Section 31 operated during Kirk's era. Read here to see if she was successful.

June 22 - 'Endgame' Novelisation
'Voyager' may be over, but the novel relaunch is just around the corner. However, according to Michelle Erica Green, not only does the novelisation of the final episode fail to satisfy, but the new relaunch material is lacklustre.

June 18 - The Eugenics War, Volume One
The late 20th Century saw the rise of Khan Noonien Singh and a group of genetically enhanced humans - only we never noticed it. Find out why in this new book by Greg Cox.

June 6 - Voyager CCG Expansion
Decipher's new Customisable Card Game pomises: "Control the crew of the U.S.S. Voyager, exploring the Delta Quadrant where no one has gone before. Marshal the power of the treacherous Kazon and plunder enemy ships for their territory. Command the plague-ridden Vidiians, fighting to survive by stealing vital organs from your opponent's personnel." Wow. That sounds like quite the adventure - especially for a game of two-dimensional cards! But is it as much of an adventure as the box promises?

June 1 - 'Endgame'
'Endgame' leaves AntonyF eager for more Voyager! Unfortunately, he'll have to make do with repeats...

May 20 - Renaissance Man
AntonyF gives the final regular Voyager episode one of his best ratings ever.

May 19 - Section 31: Rogue and Shadow
In this new four-novel crossover series, Pocket Books attempts to explore the history of Starfleet's most secret organisation. Reviewer Michelle Erica Green analyses the first two books in the series.

May 13 - Homestead
With only a few episodes left until the series finale, the Voyager writers have been wrapping up the stories of many of the characters. AntonyF reviews 'Homestead,' which sees Neelix making a "profound re-connection" with his people.

May 13 - Divided We Fall - Chapter One: Crossfire
In her latest review, Michelle Erica Green casts a critical eye over the first volume of Wildstorm Comics' new series - 'Divided We Fall: Crossfire.' Finding it to be an engrossing read, Green praises the excellent characterisation and high-quality artwork which makes this comic a winner.

May 9 - Natural Law
'Natural law' is the third to last episode of Voyager to air before the finale. Read this review to see what special guest reviewer AntonyF thought of this episode, in which Seven of Nine and Chakotay are stranded on a primitive planet.

May 6 - Strange New Worlds IV
In this fourth volume of the annual amateur Trek writing contest, there are again many strong stories to be found. But according to Michelle Erica Green, it's time the series got a new editor and changed its rules, as otherwise the series may grow stale.

Apr 28 - Friendship One
'Author Author' is the third episode in the final set of episodes leading up to the finale. Read this review to see what special guest reviewer AntonyF thought of this episode, in which we see the effects of old Earth nuclear weapons on an alien planet.

Apr 25 - Author, Author
'Author Author' is the second episode in the final set of episodes leading up to the finale. Read this review to see what special guest reviewer AntonyF thought of this episode, in which the Doctor's status as a person is called into question.

Apr 24 - Avatar, Books One And Two
Almost two years after the television series ended, the Deep Space Nine sage continues again with the DS9 Novel Relaunch. The two-novel 'Avatar' series chronicles the first adventures of Colonel Kira and the crew of DS9 as they come under a surprise attack by a Jem'Hadar squadron.

Apr 19 - Spock vs Q, The Sequel
Alien Voices, the production company of Leonard Nimoy and John De Lancie, gained fame with the 'Spock vs Q' audiobook. In this new review, Michelle Erica Green looks at whether the sequel is as successful.

Apr 18 - Q2
'Q2' is the first episode in the final set of episodes leading up to the finale. Over the next few weeks, we will be publishing a series of special guest reviews of these episodes by AntonyF. Read this review to see what he thought of 'Q2', likely the final Trek episode featuring the recurring character of Q.

Apr 12 - Planet Killer
'The Doomsday Machine' has always been one of the Original Series' most popular episodes. In this new 3-issue comic series, writers Dean Wesley Smith & Kristine Kathryn Rusch revisit the planet killer, and Michelle Erica Green thinks they did a good job in that.

Apr 7 - 'Star Trek: Away Team'
Regular columnist Caillan Davenport takes a look at Activision's latest Star Trek release and finds it to be all form and no real substance.

Mar 28 - The Definitive Star Trek Trivia Book, Volume 2
The Doctor was a 'Living Witness' for what two warring factions? The answer to these and many other quiz questions can be found in Jill Sherwin's second Star Trek trivia book, reviewed by Michelle Erica Green.

Mar 20 - Maximum Warp, Books One And Two
What would happen to technological cultures if their power supplies were rendered useless? That's the question at the heart of Dave Galanter and Greg Brodeur's Maximum Warp, a pair of simultaneously released paperbacks. In this new review, Michelle Erica Green looks at how much power these novels have.

Mar 11 - The Genesis Wave, Book Two
In the beginning, the Genesis Device was intended to create life from lifelessness. But an unknown enemy has unleashed the matrix in a wave spreading across the Alpha Quadrant, where neither Picard's crew nor Kirk's former colleagues can prevent its deadly transformation.

Mar 11 - The Genesis Wave, Book One
Is there life after Genesis? Author John Vornholt revives the deadly menace from The Wrath of Khan, bringing back many familiar faces to try to stop it from destroying Earth.

Jan 25 - Shattered
This episode has a lot of good going for it, and the very vocal Robert Beltran finally gets a leading role, while the rest of us are treated to a look back at mostly familiar scenarios. This is as good a time as any for a mini-retrospective, especially for new viewers who may be tuning in to see the last half-season of shows.

Nov 18 - Inside Man
It's always a treat to visit the Alpha Quadrant and catch up with old friends Barclay and Troi. Unfortunately, this is a subpar effort mired by a plot in which even the masters of Starfleet are caught unawares by the Ferengi and their capitalist caper.

Nov 12 - Critical Care
My trouble in composing this review was that I was struggling to find something "clever" about "Critical Care." Unfortunately, there really isn't anything. It has a relevant social issue, which continues a fine Star Trek tradition, and the Doctor acts as you would expect him to in his situation. His deliberate poisoning of Chellick isn't terribly shocking because you know he would never allow Chellick to die. Thus, with its ridiculous abduction premise and reset-button ending, this episode is pretty much a nonevent. But it was a nicely produced nonevent.

Nov 12 - The Genesis Wave Book One
Trek Today editor Amy Hightower takes a look at 'The Genesis Wave Book One' by John Vornholt and likes what she sees... for the most part.

Nov 2 - Repression
The latest Tuvok episode comprises elements we have seen before in VGR. Tuvok is directed by mind control. Nobody can figure out that he is the bad guy. The Maquis take over the ship. Deus ex machina, it's all over again. No future Star Trek series should ever have another regular Vulcan character. No disrespect to actor Tim Russ, but it's all been done before. It's just not interesting. At least the Maquis are reintroduced and may have a pivotal role in VGR's series finale.

Oct 26 - Drive
VGR lightens up at last with this adventurous and visual-effects-laden effort, which unfortunately may take a hit from the fans for not featuring the Paris/Torres wedding on-screen. Many of the supporting cast are featured in some well-deserved moments. You can't help liking this show.

Oct 19 - Imperfection
This was a touching hour. The writers imperil Seven of Nine to make her confront her own inadequacies with dying. Her resulting conversations with Janeway and Torres provide an intriguing insight into Seven's still-Borglike thought processes. Meanwhile, the eager Icheb continues to act as an apt foil for Seven and survives not only a perfunctory clean-out of the other Borg children, but also a story line that could have predictably ended in his death.

Oct 12 - Unimatrix Zero, Part II
Letting go of any expectations that Part I may have seeded, the cliffhanger is resolved with possibly dire consequences for the integrity of the Borg Collective. The Doctor steals the show with some touching encouragement for Seven of Nine, but her romance with Axum is given short shrift.

Oct 4 - Unimatrix Zero
VGR takes a cue from TNG and ends its sixth season by having not one, but three of its regular cast assimilated by the Borg. Possibly the most affective scene involves Janeway's noticeable reluctance to leave Voyager and embark on her dangerous mission.

Sep 28 - A Paper Universe
Pocket Books recently published 'A Paper Universe', Andrew Pang's guide to creating Star Trek models through the ancient art of origami. Amy Hightower tried replicating some of the models presented in the book - read how she fared here!

July 8 - Alice
This is a largely unremarkable outing for Tom Paris. We've seen many of these story elements in other episodes. However, via Alice's manipulation, we can see for a fact that Paris has evolved from boy to man.

June 20 - Fury
The producers trod all over the VGR time line, rampantly feigning forgetfulness along with most of the characters in this ill-considered effort to reintroduce a cranky Kes.

May 2 - Muse
"Muse" is a creative, enjoyable take on personal inspiration but is particularly noteworthy because outgoing co-executive producer Joe Menosky plays with various character archetypes and surreptitiously comments on some of Voyager's many criticisms.

Apr 24 - Live Fast and Prosper
"Live Fast and Prosper" is a delightfully humorous little adventure in which Janeway must save face for the faraway Federation by cleaning up the mess of alien imposters with "nice hair," who are pretending to be Starfleet officers.

Apr 13 - Original Series DVD Volume 1
In 1999, Paramount started releasing the first Original Series episodes on DVD. Now that they've nearly published all the episodes of the Original Series' first season on DVD, we review the first set in the series, containing 'Where No Man Has Gone Before' and 'The Corbomite Maneuver'.

Apr 12 - Night
Braga and Menosky trap Voyager in a Void and write themselves into a corner with Janeway, who not only endures a bout with depression but also suffers a mutiny at the hands of friends Chakotay and Tuvok. Edzo was not too pleased with this aspect of the Season Five premiere.

Mar 18 - Good Shepherd
"Good Shepherd" is a baldfaced amalgamation of "Learning Curve" and TNG's "Lower Decks" and "Hollow Pursuits," but turns out to be the best Voyager show in weeks. Ed Hines' review is here.

Mar 11 - Child's Play
This is a complex morality tale that features a strong guest performance by Manu Intiraymi as "Icheb," but unfortunately the story suffers from yet another bad call from the compassionate Janeway.

Mar 1 - Ashes to Ashes
Kim Rhodes turns in a terrific guest star performance, but unfortunately the intended sentiment of her once-dead character's reanimation is largely lost because we had never seen her before on VGR.

Feb 23 - Spirit Folk
After January's 'Fair Haven', which many people already thought to be fairly disappointing, now comes the sequel 'Spirit Folk'. Read here what Ed Hines thought about the episode!

Feb 16 - Collective
In the past, when Star Trek encountered the Borg we could be certain it would make for a great episode. Unfortunately, it seems that 'Collective' has broken this trend.

Feb 9 - Tsunkatse
'Tsunkatse' was without a doubt the most controversial Voyager episode shown this season, causing a massive fan outcry. Now it turns out that this may have been entirely undeserved, according to Ed Hines' review of the episode.

Feb 2 - Memorial
Trek Nation reviewer Ed Hines isn't at all happy with Voyager's unwillingness to take any risks with its stories.

Jan 26 - Virtuoso
After 'Alice' and 'Riddles', Ed Hines was surprised an episode could be even worse, yet 'Virtuoso' has somehow managed it. Read his review here.

Jan 19 - Blink Of An Eye
Bringing back memories of the Original Series episode 'Wink of an Eye', this week's new Voyager episode is well-received by Ed Hines.

Jan 12 - Fair Haven
After the long series of winter repeats, Voyager returns with the new episode 'Fair Haven', dealing with Janeway's romantic endeavours on the holodeck.

Dec 2 - Ultimate Drek
Before Voyager's special 'Pathfinder' episode, UPN also aired the 'Ultimate Trek' sweeps special, hosted by Jason Alexander. Jeff Godemann was not impressed, to say the least.

Dec 1 - Pathfinder
'Pathfinder' was one of the most highly anticipated Voyager episodes of the season, featuring both Reginald Barclay and Deanna Troi, as well as Voyager's first live contact with Starfleet. Read Ed Hines' review of this important episode here!

Nov 24 - The Voyager Conspiracy
Star Trek meets the X-Files in this week's new Voyager episode, 'The Voyager Conspiracy'. In his review of the episode, Ed Hines wonders if the plotline wasn't a bit too unrealistic.

Nov 17 - One Small Step
After last week's slightly disappointing 'Dragon's Teeth', Voyager managed to surprise Ed Hines with the remarkably great 'One Small Step'.

Nov 10 - Dragon's Teeth
Voyager enters the November sweeps with 'Dragon's Teeth', an episode filled with special effects and space battles. But was the episode any good? Find out in Ed Hines' review!

Nov 3 - Riddles
Returning after last week's 'Dark Frontier' repeat, 'Riddles' didn't really turn out to be as good as many people hoped it would be. Click here for Ed Hines' review!

Oct 23 - The Greeks
Now that his work on Deep Space Nine has ended, actor Marc Alaimo (Gul Dukat) is currently performing as Agamemnon in 'The Greeks', a play at the Los Angeles Odyssey Theatre. Recently, regular Trek Nation contributor Karen Comer saw the play, and she was kind enough to write a review of it!

Oct 20 - Alice
The first series of new Voyager episodes this season ends with 'Alice', as next week UPN will be repeating 'Dark Frontier. Click here to read what Trek Nation reviewer Ed Hines thought about the episode!

Oct 13 - Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy
A Voyager comedy success in which a snoopy alien peeks in on the Doctor's daydreams, believing them to be real. Edzo is still singing the Doctor's creative lyrics from the teaser, in addition to the praises of Robert Picardo for such a bang-up job. The review is here.

Oct 6 - Barge of the Dead
Torres must come to terms with unresolved feelings for her mother while embarking on a spiritual quest to find peace within herself. This episode jibes well with events from previous Torres episodes, considering that outgoing co-executive producer Ron Moore had such a brief indoctrination to Voyager's characters. The review is here.

Sep 29 - Survival Instinct
'Survival Instinct' was Ron Moore's only solo entry in the Voyager universe. Read here why Ed Hines wasn't that impressed with the episode.

Sep 22 - Equinox, Part Two
After the long summer hiatus and the endless series of reruns, Voyager finally returns with a new episode - 'Equinox, Part Two'. Read what Ed Hines had to say about the episode by going here!

June 8 - Free Enterprise
Now showing in limited release in several cinemas in Los Angeles, 'Free Enterprise' is a low-budget, indepentently-produced comedy starring William Shatner as, well, William Shatner. Dennis Sabre went to see the movie, and here you can read his review.

June 1 - Second DS9 Finale Screening Report
After the first exclusive screening on Thursday the 27th of August, the Los Angeles Museum of Television & Radio organised another 'What You Leave Behind' showing. Present at the event was Scotto, whose review of the episode you can read here.

May 28 - First DS9 Finale Review
On the 27th of May, the Museum of Television & Radio in Los Angeles organised the first public screening of 'What You Leave Behind', the Deep Space Nine finale. Jeff 'Koganuts' Koga was one of the people lucky enough to attend the event, and here you can read his exclusive review!

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