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Rick Berman Video Clips

By Amy
December 31, 2000 - 2:16 PM

The official site has posted two new video clips, both containing parts of an interview with Rick Berman. The first clip has Berman talking about Voyager, how the show has changed over the last six and a bit years, while in the second he talks about Star Trek in general. You can find both of the clips at the Production Media site, while we've provided a transcript below. Thanks go out to Caillan for his help with the transcript.

Clip One - Voyager:

Berman: I think that the show has changed... in waves in the course of the last six years, as all shows do, as all people do, I think there was a period of time where the show was a little too locked into the idea of being lost in space and trying to get home, and I think we've recognized that, and certainly in the last two seasons, and the fifth and sixth season we've tried to focus more on high-concept stories that have been a little bit more filled with adventure and fun, and a little bit less brooding regarding being lost in space."

Clip Two - Star Trek:

Berman: I think all the Star Trek series have been series have been morality tales in part, but just in part, we try to create episodes that are provocative, that make people think and try to do what science fiction does best, which is to come up with storylines that can turn current issues on their sides so people can look at them a different way, but that's not what it's really about, that's what it's about from time to time. I think it's mostly what all these series are about, have been a core of humans that are far better off in most ways than we are today who are occupied in the remarkable task of exploring the universe.

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