More 'Star Trek Online' Answers

By T'Bonz
October 31, 2008 - 4:55 AM

More details are given for Star Trek Online enabling fans to know what to expect when the game is released.

As reported by Star Trek Online and, questions ranged from weaponry and Federation foes, to space travel and time frames.

Both the Klingons and Federation will have access to martial arts or weapons. But Star Trek Online developers caution that "it may be more difficult for a Federation character to obtain a bat'leth or a Klingon Empire character to acquire a lirpa."

And skills will be important. Players are cautioned that "a Federation character may be able to pick up a batíleth and use it, but without training he or she will be less effective than a Klingon who has studied the use of the weapon. And certain martial arts may be limited by faction or race. Not everyone can perform a Vulcan nerve pinch."

Combat isn't limited to hand-to-hand. Starship combat will require that one has full control of one's ship and that will be available to players. The player's ship will be able to be maneuvered to protect vital systems while at the same time trying to attack the enemy's weakest point.

And what about the enemy? Although the Romulans and the Dominion are penciled in as future player factions, players will make contact with those two empires before that. According to Star Trek Online, "But how could we call the game 'Star Trek Online' and not include the Romulans and the Dominion?"

Star Trek Online isn't solely blasting the PetaQ Klingons to StoVoKor though. There are planets to visit and systems to explore. Players and their away teams can transport down to planets. However, if a planet or location is only accessible via shuttlecraft, the player won't be able to manually fly the shuttle through the atmosphere and land on the surface of the planet.

Star Trek Online will have a progressive timeline. According to the developers, "Expect dramatic and subtle changes in the timeline and expect every change to make sense."

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