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By Michelle
October 31, 2005 - 3:07 PM

  • A critic's list of cinematic horror films for Halloween at Nashville Scene curiously includes Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. "The things that scare us are deeply personal things," writes the critic. "I have personal issues with spiders, elevators, and whales...whales best embody the creeping unease that keeps me from going in any body of water of which I can't see the bottom." He adds,
    The time travel sequence in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home illustrates this unnamable feeling. A featureless human body, suspended in space or underwater; behind/below/beyond it, coalescing into view, a giant cetacean. It speaks volumes without saying a word, the image forever burned into the hippocampusóthe part of the brain where nightmares live.

  • Movie City News says that the name of Alexander Siddig (Bashir) is getting mentioned a lot as a potential Best Supporting Actor contender for an Academy Award for Syriana.

  • And speaking of Syriana, the film's red carpet premiere will be held in New York City on Sunday, November 20th. Siddig is confirmed to attend, according to Sid City.

  • There are new photos of Kate Mulgrew from a 1983 production of The Philadelphia Story at the Alaska Repertory Theatre at Totally Kate!

  • The man who oversees the company that owns the Las Vegas Hilton says that the Star Trek Experience will not run forever, notes In Business Las Vegas: "I think its shelf life is burning like one of those stars that goes out. We have a few years left on the contract with Paramount (Pictures), where they come back with a rejuvinated idea for the future. We haven't had discussions yet."

  • Canada's Hollywood North Report quotes Brannon Braga's Threshold co-executive producer David S. Goyer as saying that the series may change names each season as the premise develops, becoming Foothold in its second year and Stranglehold in its third.

  • Remember the hippie chick who told Chekov where to find the "nuclear wessels" in the aforementioned film? Read all about Layla Sarakalo, who played her, at

  • also reminds fans that John Billingsley (Phlox) will appear on Nip/Tuck tomorrow night, November 1st, on FX at 10, and notes that Roxann Dawson (Torres) and William Shatner (Kirk - you didn't think we'd do a News Bullets without mentioning him, did you?) have voiced characters for Halloween installments of the Mark & Brian radio show.

  • TrekWeb has a report from a Cinefantastique article in which Serenity creator Joss Whedon said, "A lot of people liked the first Star Trek when they were really finding their way, and James Kirk was about taking the time to take his shirt off and getting it done." The franchise, however, became sterile to him.

  • La Couscoussiere d'Ali Baba, a Tunisian restaurant in Canada, "looks so much like a vintage Star Trek set that I expected to see Spock stumble from the kitchen after a mind meld with the cook while Captain Kirk got busy with one of the belly dancers" according to The Montreal Gazette.

  • UGO DVD has a review of the Star Trek: Nemesis Special Edition, giving it an A- overall.

  • The Bennington Banner has a report on a K9 police academy dropout who rescued a man trapped under a tree. The dog's name is Riker after Jonathan Frakes' character on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

  • The Billings News has a photo from Star Drek: Which Generation?, a show in which guests along with Captain Dirk and the crew of the HMS Winaprize solve the mysterious death of a red-shirted ensign. Costumes are encouraged.

  • See the Sev Trek punchline to the question of what use is Counsellor Tryhard.

  • Decipher has opened a web area for their "To Boldly Go" Star Trek CCG expansion set.

  • Star Trek Online has a new developer blog about space combat.

  • has reproduced for its anniversary the web site for Star Trek: Generations, "the very first Web site created to promote a major motion picture."

  • And the official site wishes everyone a Happy Halloween.

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