Another 'Repression' Review

By Amy
October 31, 2000 - 12:15 PM

Michael Marek over at the Cinescape Insider has posted his review of last weeks Voyager episode, 'Repression'. He wasn't exactly a big fan of the ep, calling it a "fairly forgettable episode".

So why do a story like this? A couple of reasons suggest themselves. First, "Repression" is what the producers call a "bottle show," i.e. it is shot entirely on the standing sets and features only a handful of guest stars, all with minimal dialogue. As such, it is an inexpensive episode. The producers may be saving money for the alleged extravaganza later in the season that may result in Voyager finally reaching home.

I also wonder if this episode may be a setup for issues to be addressed later in the season. Janeway may be confident that the mind control problem is past, and that her former Maquis crew may be returned to regular duty. The Admirals back at Starfleet may have more concerns. We have heard that as Voyager nears home, there may be criminal charges for past deeds by the Maquis crew. Face it, a seven-year track record of teamwork would speak well for the Maquis in the eyes of Starfleet. On the other hand, a recent rebellion, even though it was induced by mind control, could be a storytelling tool to generate Starfleet suspicion of the Maquis in future episodes.

For the full review, click here to get to Cinescape.

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