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By Amy
October 31, 2000 - 5:59 AM

In addition to the previously reported Robert Picardo interview, Michelle Erica Green has also posted the latest edition of her weekly 'Hailing Frequencies' column at Fandom. In addition the usual round-up of news and rumors, Green reviews both last week's Voyager episode, 'Repression' and the novel, 'Star Trek New Frontier: Excalibur – Restoration'.

" also has some new information about "Lineage," the episode in which Torres tries to alter the DNA of her unborn baby so it won`t have any Klingon elements. This is a potentially explosive installment, with the possibility of touching on abortion politics as well as fetal rights and racial purification through genetic tampering. For that reason, it`s hard not to be excited about the episode, though after last week`s "Drive," I shudder at the idea of Tom`s little woman B`Elanna becoming a mother.

Actress Roxann Dawson offers some comfort in a recent Cinescape interview, where she suggests that Torres` compromises to make Paris happy have their limits. "I would like to see the relationship with Paris finally be addressed," says the actress. "I am hearing rumors of some confrontations regarding the relationship in dealing with her past over our last year." Reportedly, the pre-Khitomer Klingons encountered by Voyager on a generational ship in "Prophecy" will make Torres experience the parts of her heritage she would like to ignore. Boy it would be nice if she regained some of that Klingon spark and no one suggested she have it removed immediately. writes that Paris and Torres "reach a crossroads in their relationship which could have long-ranging effects on both of their lives," stating that a childhood camping trip may have traumatized Torres so completely that she might make an irrevocable decision against her husband`s will "that no amount of technology can rectify." The flashback camping scenes were scheduled to shoot last week.

In a video clip on, Dawson says of her character, "I love that she`s still not perfect and that she still makes mistakes, and that she has growth still ahead of her. I love to see her continually fail and grow, trip and recover, and that`s sort of been her progress over the last few years." The actress does not believe Torres will have resolved all her conflicts when the series ends, which doesn`t bother her; she thinks it`s more interesting that way."

For the full article, click here and be transported away to Fandom.

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