Worf Arrives With DS9 Season Four on DVD

By Michelle
July 31, 2003 - 2:01 AM

The first reviews of Deep Space Nine's fourth season on DVD have appeared online, praising the arrival of the Klingons and the introduction of recurring characters who saw the series through to its conclusion.

Yunda Eddie Feng of DVD Town called the two-hour season opener, "The Way of the Warrior", "thrilling" and stated that "the best moments during Season Four involve some amount of fighting." Though Feng felt that there were too many episodes focused on Ferengi and Klingon as comic relief, he felt that the experiment with the Dominion arc provided season-long tension, "and itís compelling viewing indeed."

Though a bit disappointed with the Dolby Digital tracks, claiming "the sound design doesnít feel as 'full' as, say, the sound design for Star Trek: Nemesis", Feng praised the featurettes, particularly the crew dossier on Worf, as well as the Easter Eggs (or "Section 31 Hidden Files") with cast and crew interviews.

TrekWeb, which gave the DVD package four stars out of five, praised such landmark episodes as "The Visitor", called "one of the best STAR TREK episodes of all time, right up there with "The City on the Edge of Forever", and "Rejoined", which focuses on homophobic taboos "in probably one of the most tasteful pieces to ever contain two beautiful women locking lips."

Steve Krutzler noted that the packaging may not be sturdy enough for regular viewers and lamented the lack of episode previews in the menus but added that the hidden files "provide some of the best bonus material around", including Chase Masterson discussing her role as Leeta and Ron Moore interviewed about "Sons of Mogh", which focused on Worf's conflict with his unhappy brother.

The full DVD Town review may be found here. TrekWeb's complete review is here.

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