Ferengi Family Talk Life After DS9

By Caillan
July 31, 2002 - 4:17 PM

Chaos reigned at StarTrek.com last week when three members of Deep Space Nine's Ferengi ensemble hijacked the site's chat room.

Grand Nagus Rom, his wife Leeta and son Nog were let loose on unsuspecting Trek fans who were expecting to chat with actors Max Grodénchik, Aron Eisenberg and Chase Masterson. Rom quickly imposed an over-18s limit on the chat as his wife started to talk about her latest fiscal enterprise.

"Since I'm a liberated female - but I'm also the First Lady and need to follow Ferengi rules - I've opened the first Ferenginar Victoria's Secret," Leeta revealed. The former Dabo girl has obviously been a stabilising influence on her stepson since the series ended, with Starfleet Lieutenant Nog stating he would command a starship "as long as I can have all Dabo girls as my crew!"

Despite Rom's new high status, the Ferengi First Family have been having property troubles. "We're looking for a home on Ferenginar but the real-estate market is, at the moment, over valued," the Grand Nagus said. "I mean, since the Nagus lives in a palace, we're looking for a secondary residence."

Eventually the two Ferengi and the Bajoran ex-Dabo girl were evicted and replaced by Grodénchik, Eisenberg, Masterson and former Trek pre-production co-ordinator Lolita Fatjo. Since the end of Deep Space Nine, the quartet have kept the spirit of the show's comedy episodes alive by performing 'The Ferengi Family Hour' regularly at conventions.

When the stars were asked about their current projects, Grodénchik revealed he's been working on his Star Trek memoirs, called 'My Brother's Barkeep.' For Eisenberg, family has been his first priority. "[I've been] raising my two boys," he said. "Being the best father I can be."

Masterson is still a prominent genre figure, popping up in a variety of projects. "Workwise, I just finished the lead in two features, 'Terminal Invasion' on the Sci-Fi Channel on September 14, and 'Inhuman,' a fabulous film where I ride a motorcycle and shoot lots of guns. Also, check out Deep Space Explorer on Space.com ... it's a fabulous interactive trip through the universe. I narrate. It's very cool."

Last but not least, Fatjo has become the latest Trek veteran to serve on Michael Piller's Dead Zone. "I'm not working on it in a permanent position, but I've been helping in the writing department on and off for the last three months," she said. "For those of you who have seen it, you know that it's a very good show - well written and well acted - and I'm very glad to have been part of it."

The full chat transcript can be found here at StarTrek.com.

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