Masterson Concentrates On Real Life

By Caillan
July 31, 2001 - 12:14 PM

Two years after the end of Deep Space Nine, former Dabo girl Chase Masterson (Leeta) is taking some time out to re-evaluate her priorities.

"I'm really focussing right now on my real life," she told Star Trek Monthly (via CyFy Pulse). "These are precious days that I have with my son, and I'm really wanting to cherish that, slow life down a bit and be with him. I'm just learning to revel in the everyday. That's what's attractive to me now - getting really down and dirty with the life that's going on."

Currently, Masterson is concentrating heavily on her music. "I'm working with one of the hottest jazz bands in southern California, and two of them were in the band that played in the holosuite on Deep Space Nine," she said. "It's Torch Songs: music from the 1930s, 40s, and 50s. I love that stuff: I grew up on it. By the time I was 14, I was choreographing rhumbas and cha-chas for musicals, all the stuff that my parents did. It was wonderfully sophisticated and special. Even growing up, I was kind of the oddball kid: I never got into the Bee Gees or whatever everyone else was doing. It's nice now to be putting something out officially."

One of the things that brought the actress back to music was the chance to perform live in front of an audience. "I grew up doing theatre, and there is nothing that will ever take the place of that feeling of connection with the audience," she said. "It's not about applause - it's about the connection with the audience. It's what happens in the dark when you're there, and they're there, and you know that everybody there all at once understands. It's kind of a unity, and there's a synergy."

Masterson would like to return to television, but she's keeping her options open. "I'd love to do another series," she said. "See what happens with that. When we follow our hearts, not our thoughts or even our selfish minds, but the still quiet voice, God is able to make it so much better than we could ever have asked. I don't mean to sound too flag-waving, but I'm so thankful. It didn't have to be this way - there are a lot of talented actors running around Hollywood. But on the other hand, I'm here to work."

The full transcript can be found here at CyFy Pulse.

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