SF-Radio Relaunches

By Christian
July 31, 2000 - 1:49 AM

The people at the German SF-Radio.de send along word they've just completed a relaunch of the site, making it one of Germany's biggest SF portals. The site has merged with several leading German Trek sites, and besides offering the online radio shows it started with, is now also home to news updates of the Corona WebBEAT newsletter.

In addition, the site is now offering a new online radio show almost every day of the week:

  • Monday - Audio 51, SF-Radio's flagship show, dealing with SF in general.
  • Tuesday - All About: Twin Peaks. An episode-by-episode analysis of the show.
  • Wednesday - Once a month, SpoilerSpace: Futurame, with news, reviews and background info on the Matt Groening show.
  • Wednesday - Once a month, Fantastic Cinema, on upcoming movie releases.
  • Wednesday - Once a month, Radio mit Biss, on 'Buffy' and 'Angel'.
  • Thursday - TrekMinds, the primary Trek show
  • Friday - Leseprobe, in which you can listen to excerpts from newly released books.
  • Saturday - Chat, revolving around a certain topic.
Other shows to be launched in the coming months will include a live show, shows on Babylon 5, Voyager and the X-Files, and an English-language show. For now, be sure to check out SF-Radio!

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