Gaming Bullets

By Christian
July 31, 2000 - 1:22 AM

  • A patch for 'Klingon Academy' has been released by Interplay.

  • Mr. Finnegan at the Corporation has posted his review of 'Klingon Academy', awarding it a 4.5/5 and calling it "a good Star Trek game [and] a good space combat game".

  • The 'Voyager: Elite Force' demo is awarded slightly less, namely a 4/5, in this review at by Abi Huynh.

  • The demo is also reviewed at GibWorld.

  • And some very bright and colourful screenshots from Elite Force have been released at Gamespy.

  • The first portion of a Tweak Guide for 'Voyager: Elite Force' has been posted.
  • Interplay's official 'Starfleet Command 2' site has been updated with 6 new shots showing some of the new models in the game, namely the Gorn Freighter and a Listening Post.

  • GamesMania has a review of 'ConQuest Online', saying it "shows interesting promise for online CCG, but fails to make good use of the PC as a gaming machine."

  • Finally, Randy Scott at the Gamer's Press has put up what might well be the first online review of the 'Star Trek: New Worlds' demo, in which he isn't too positive about the game.

    Thanks go out to Blue for most of these items!

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