Lofton To Release Rap Album

By Michelle
May 31, 2005 - 9:35 PM

Cirroc Lofton, who said in various interviews as a teenager starring on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine that he wanted to be a doctor and later a director, has a new career as a rapper, and he plans to talk about his experiences on the series.

"One beat will use the original Star Trek theme song and have that beat in a hip-hop type of mode," the 26-year-old Lofton told Sci Fi Wire of the new rap album on which he's working. "The Jake Sisko character will have some lines dropped in here and there." He added that he has been working on the music for the album, Divine Intervention, for six or seven years, and hopes to release it in September through Infinity World Entertainment.

"Rap is a very powerful tool and either can be used correctly and incorrectly, and I hope I can get my messages out there," Lofton noted. "For me, it's a natural transformation from poetry to this...I want it to be enjoyable, inspirational and educational." He did say that the language might not be appropriate for very young listeners, however.

Be warned, however: in a chat on the old Star Trek Continuum site, Lofton said, "I've been writing rap music for about 7 years...I can't sing, though, at all. I write lyrics."

The original article on Lofton's planned album is at Sci Fi Wire.

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