Shatner Gets A Second Life!

By Christian
May 31, 2000 - 9:48 PM

AP writer Ted Anthony has written a new article about William Shatner, previously best known for his role as Captain Kirk on Star Trek, but now also famous from his many other recent media appearances. In the article, Anthony writes about Shatner's sudden coolness, now that he's appearing in ads for and in several television episodes of '3rd Rock From The Sun' as Big Giant Head. In the article, Shatner himself also reflects on this:

It's almost accidental. I'm not sure what caused it. [...] Something's happened out there. [...] People are perceiving me as funny, and they want funny things from me. [...] It's a very narrow line between being funny and being an idiot. You can walk over that line very easily without even knowing it, but if you take yourself seriously at any time, you're in trouble. The whole thing's a cosmic joke, I think.

The full article contains looks back at Shatner's earlier career, including his infamous 'The Transformed Man' CD, and includes thoughts from many media experts on Shatner's sudden popularity.

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