Official 'The Trouble With Tribbles' CCG Info

By Christian
May 31, 2000 - 4:20 PM

Decipher, the company behind the official Star Trek Customisable Card Game, has made available a press release about 'The Trouble With Tribbles', an expansion set for the CCG. 'Tribbles' is the first expansion set based on the Original Series, for which Decipher acquired the license last year.

The expansion set will feature characters from both the Original Series and the DS9 episode 'Trials and Tribble-ations', and will finally allow CCG players to construct a deck consisting of only Original Series characters. However, the main focus of the game will of course be the Tribbles:

Players will use omnipresent Tribbles to disrupt their opponent's activities in a myriad of different ways, but that's not all... Tribbles cards can also be used in the fun bonus Tribbles Game unrelated to Star Trek CCG and played only with Tribble cards! Each Tribble card sports a special icon that has no influence on the regular game and only comes into play in the Tribbles Game. Many things are possible within the Tribbles Game: accumulate points by "scoring" Tribbles from your special Tribbles deck, rob your opponents of their high-value cards, set up combos that let you play four times in a row, all in the hopes of achieving the highest score possible. So get your Tribbles deck together! Will you go for sheer power, or for cunning and subtlety? The decision is up to you.

In fact, the Tribbles bonus game turned out to be so much fun that Decipher decided to also introduce a four-player boxed game, totally independent of the Star Trek CCG! The box contains everything required to start playing the Tribbles game immediately: four Tribbles decks, a scorecard and the rules. This quick, fun and easy game will appeal to Star Trek fans across the board.

'The Trouble With Tribbles' will be released in two versions: as standard 11-card Expansin Sets, or as a 141-card starter set allowing new players to immediately jump into the game. More info on the set, which will be released in July, can be found by going here.

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