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By Christian
May 31, 2000 - 1:25 PM

Hello World!

Tonight, as you can read in Today on TV, the BBC will start re-airing the Original Series. I'll be watching 'The Cage', but I'm not sure yet if I'll also watch the rest of the episodes after that - as you may remember from the TOS DVD review I wrote a while back, I'm slowly building up my DVD collection, and if I see the episodes now again, I probably won't be as stimulated to buy the DVDs again, even though I do want them. For the same reason I'm not watching the daily TNG reruns here anymore, and if a channel ever starts repeating DS9 or Voyager here I probably wouldn't watch it either. Of course, the end result will probably be that I won't be watching any television series at all anymore as I'm waiting for the DVD to come out, but fortunately the status of my wallet doesn't yet allow that :-).

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-Will the Next Generation be coming to DVD?

-With syndication reruns about to show this part of Voyager, what were the best episodes of season four?

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Today On TV

-In the United States, the Sci-Fi Channel will be showing the Original Series episode 'The City On The Edge Of Forever' at 2:00pm Eastern Time.

-In Canada, Space! will be showing DS9's 'A Time To Stand' at 4:00am Eastern Time, the Original Series' 'Turnabout Intruder' at 10:00am and at 4:00pm, and DS9's 'Rocks and Shoals' at 10:00pm.

-In the United Kingdom, BBC Two will be showing 'The Cage', the original TOS pilot, at 6:00pm GMT. Thanks go out to Kathryn Hughes for this!

-In Germany, Sat.1 will be showing Voyager's 'Unvergessen' at 15:00 CET.

-Here in The Netherlands, Net 5 will be showing TNG's 'A Matter Of Perspective'at 18:05 CET. Thanks go out to for this!


Contrary to what I reported a few days ago, GNP Crescendo's 'The Best Of Star Trek - Volume 2' CD has not yet been released. Jeff Bond at Film Score Monthly sends along word that the music samples on the Soundtrack Mag web site were intended purely as a preview, apparently, but that the CD itself is not yet out.

Happy Birthday!

Yesterday was both the 47th birthday of Colm Meaney (Miles O'Brien) and the 52nd birthday of Michael Piller, co-creator of DS9 and Voyager, and writer of 'Insurrection'.

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