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TNG Stars Say It's Over While Others Talk Trek Future

By Michelle
March 31, 2004 - 10:29 PM

Star Trek actors at conventions on opposite coasts of the U.S. declared that the Next Generation film franchise is dead, even as an original series star expressed renewed interest in appearing on Enterprise. reported on Brent Spiner's appearance at Grand Slam 12, stating that the actor said that there was "little likelihood" that Data would ever be revived, despite having left an android alter ego, though he joked that he would not be averse to playing himself in a future film.

Spiner denied that he had made specific script contributions concerning Data to Star Trek Nemesis, claiming that his work was on the action sequences, for he "tried to stay away from the serious stuff — for obvious reasons." He also talked about his appearance on Friends, joking that Jenifer Aniston kept telling him that he was so much cooler than some guy named Brad [Pitt, her husband].

At United Fan Con in Boston, Massachusetts, Marina Sirtis echoed Spiner's sentiments about the Next Gen film franchise.

"It's over. There's not going to be another one," the Deanna Troi actress told the fans, according to IGN Filmforce. She believes that the film might have done "blockbuster business" had Paramount held it until February 2003, instead of releasing it just days before The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers in 2002, but now she thinks that the franchise should lie fallow for a decade.

William Shatner, however, told Canadian television station CTV that he has written a treatment for a two-episode arc for Enterprise next season that would allow him to make a guest appearance as Kirk.

However, Shatner added, he has not discussed details with the producers because they're not sure the show will be returning next season.

At Grand Slam, Dominic Keating (Reed), Anthony Montgomery (Mayweather) and Connor Trinneer (Tucker) remained optimistic, though Keating claimed that The Dead Zone's Anthony Michael Hall had told him, "Get away from me, you stink of cancellation!"

Trinneer also claimed that Keating had tricked him into signing his rear end earlier at the autograph session. Keating, meanwhile, joked that he had heard that after the Delphic Expanse, Enterprise would be going to the Caribbean. "Set construction's going on May 12," he said. "It's a good sign...I don't think we get horribly, ridiculously low ratings for a show that's never promoted."

Trinneer said that he was getting married over hiatus, and joked that Ron Surma had done the casting for the wedding.'s Grand Slam coverage is here. IGN's coverage of Sirtis at UFC is here. Thanks to Traie for the report from CTV.

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