Critics Divided Over 'Acquisition'

By Lisa
April 1, 2002 - 2:17 AM

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Online opinions are varied about the latest Enterprise episode, 'Acquisition'.

Some found it made them laugh, others thought the humour fell short. Below is a selection of comments about the episode:

  • For T'Bonz at Section 31, the good points in the episode outweighed the bad. "This was an amusing episode," she wrote. "I liked how the possible conflict with canon was neatly sidestepped [...] I loved the nods to TNG and DS9. The Ferengi whip effect was awesome."
    For the full review in which the episode is graded B+, follow this link.

  • "The Ferengi have to be truly amazed at Starfleet stupidity," wrote Scoop Me's CJ Carter. "An otherwise unspectacular device is brought on board a starship where it is to be examined outside of quarantine. [...] Heaven help them if they have a plasma leak."
    For the full analysis, follow this link.

  • Over at Monkee's Place, Monkee had some interesting points to make about the episode. "This is an advantage of doing a prequel," she wrote. "We don't have to worry about the Ferengi selling women to slave markets. We already know Ferengi males are chauvinistic pigs who make their females pre-chew food for them and run around naked. We also know that by the end of DS9, a lot of that is going to change. We can relax, and enjoy the episode as a comedy without getting distracted by things that would normally bother us."
    In her full review, the episode is awarded a nine and a half out of ten rating.

  • "In brief," wrote Jamahl Epsicokhan at St Hypertext, "Lame and pointless."

    I don't know about you, but I wouldn't take so kindly to people taking over my ship and almost getting away with stealing everything of value on board - including all the weapons! What kind of rules does Starfleet have on conflicts of this nature? What kind of responsibility does Archer have in holding people who are essentially criminals and pirates? [...] All are questions that might actually be worth consideration but which this episode couldn't care less about, since it's merely a Dumb Ferengi Episode.

    In the full review the episode is awarded one and a half stars.

  • Matt D at Trek 5 gave the episode a Warp 4 rating. "Acquisition was not the dog that Rogue Planet was," he wrote. "I laughed a little, slept a little and ate some pizza. Perhaps that's all I was meant to do on this beautiful spring evening."
    The complete review can be found here.

  • "The preview for this episode, filled me with a sense of dread," wrote TrekWeb's Bill Williams. "Particularly in that this would be Starfleet's "first" encounter with the Ferengi and all the continuity questions that go along with it. But with the main interaction focused around the Ferengi, Archer, Tucker, and T'Pol, 'Acquisition' allowed our new characters to shine."
    For the complete review, follow this link.

  • "OK. OK. So this episode was supposed to be a comedy," wrote Brad at "I wasn't laughing. I was bored. Watching Trip bite Ferengi earlobe wasn't humourous. It was... well... more embarrassing than anything. [...]The Enterprise writers are teetering on the verge of slapstick with the gags in Acquisition and are really going to have to mature their senses of humour before attempting another comedy episode."
    In the full review the episode is given a D- grade.

More details about the episode can be found in its episode guide listing.

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