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By Amy
March 31, 2001 - 6:11 PM

The official site continues its own Voyager retrospective this weekend, posting not one but two new Memorable Moment interviews. Writer and season 7 Voyager producer Bryan Fuller has been interviewed for the site's finale section, while Property Master Alan Sims took some time out to add his favourite moment to the collection in the Voyager production info section.

Fuller describes reaching Voyager's final few hours as a "bittersweet" experience. "Voyager," he explains, "was my first staff writing experience in Hollywood and it's definitely been a memorable one. I've met some fantastic people and I made a lot of friends. It's an incredibly well produced show and I'll miss it. But I'm really excited about moving on and writing something new."

"I think writing for another TV show will be liberating in some ways," he says, examining the idea of moving on to a show not in the franchise. "I'm looking forward to working with characters who can speak more colloquially. Star Trek characters, because of who they are -- being four hundred years more evolved and all," he continues, "can be a little inaccessible when compared to characters on other shows. They're heroes. They don't make moral or ethical mistakes and they don't react to situations the same way contemporary characters do."

"There's always been this fear in Star Trek that if a character makes any kind of serious mistake it will be damaged, and therefore unredeemable. That can be limiting. But any limitation Star Trek may have with its characters is dwarfed by its limitless potential for high-concept science fiction story telling. And that's what I'm going to miss most."

And what about his favourite episodes? "Favorite episodes that I've written would either be 'Mortal Coil' or 'Barge of the Dead,'" he says. "I'm also very fond of a couple of the episodes I wrote with Mike Taylor, "Bride of Chaotica!" and "One Small Step." As far as episodes that I was not directly involved in, I'd have to say "Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy." Joe Menosky at his very finest."

Alan Sims, on the other hand, has been with the franchise since the Next Generation and has worked on other projects such as 1986 tv series, 'Assassin' Last year he co-wrote 'Star Trek Aliens and Artifacts' along with Trek make-up supervisor Michael Westmore.

"On Star Trek: The Next Generation," he remembers, "I had a lot of events that stood out. But the cast and crew of Voyager have been so mellow, there has been hardly any controversy with this crew. This cast has been so special. Everybody, cast and crew, just gelled so well. Some of the interesting events on The Next Generation, for example, would be the different conflicts. Of course these things turned out fine in the end, but they are interesting and make for good storytelling."

"For Voyager, a proud moment for me is the publishing of the book I co-wrote with Michael Westmore called "Star Trek Aliens and Artifacts." This just came out within the last few months from Pocket Books and that would be a very proud moment for me. Also, Ethan Phillips' cookbook ("Star Trek Cookbook" - Pocket Books) which has a lot of Alan Sims information in it. The food is really popular and I enjoy it to death. All these pictures were preparations that I did. So, that was another proud moment."

The full interview with Bryan Fuller can be found by following this link to the Voyager retrospective section of the official site, while Alan Sims' memorable moment can be found here.

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