New Voyager Finale Character Info

By Christian
March 31, 2001 - 1:58 AM

In the final episode of 'Star Trek: Voyager', the creators will apparently not only wrap up character arcs that were started over the past seven years, but in fact also bring some characters into completely new territory.

According to a new spoiler published at's Star Trek Central, Chakotay and Seven of Nine will be getting together in the Voyager finale. The site had no further details on how this would fit in with the rest of the episode's story.

The relationship between Chakotay and Seven has been an important new element in the second half of the seventh season. 'Human Error' featured a holodeck scene in which Seven and Chakotay kissed, and a large part of the upcoming episode 'Natural Law' will see the two being stranded on a primitive alien planet, though this will apparently contain no romantic undertones.

The two-hour Voyager finale is scheduled to air on the 23rd of May, and has been reported to be entitled 'Endgame'.

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