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Picardo and Mulgrew on 'Voyager'

By T'Bonz
January 31, 2008 - 8:40 PM

Although the EMH's time has come and gone, Robert Picardo would enjoy appearing in another Star Trek role.

As reported at, Picardo was recently interviewed for the UK's SFX Magazine. Although he enjoyed playing the EMH, there would be a problem with him playing the role again. "I think that my character being an artificial intelligence suffers from the same problem as Data. It doesn't really make sense to have a hologram with an older face, so I'm perfectly pleased to let it go."

Picardo did leave the door open for future appearances. "That doesn't mean that it wouldn't be fun to make an appearance in some future Star Trek as another character," he said. "and perhaps even a character that referenced the Doctor."

When asked where the Doctor would be now, he said, "...We got asked this all the time when the show was going off the air. I think if I take the question seriously the Doctor would have been perfectly delighted to be a lecturer at the Academy on medicine or medical ethics, and possibly even the study of holograms."

Kate Mulgrew, Star Trek :Voyager's Captain Janeway, was also interviewed for a Star Trek magazine as reported by She described how she got the job after Genevieve Bujold quit the role and how the role evolved. "It was difficult in the first couple of seasons, but when the [viewing] numbers proved to be stable, they let me take wing. There's very little I would change, looking back," she said. "I learned discipline, constitutionally and otherwise. I learned to respect and support my colleagues. I learned that preparation and reliability are key. But mostly I learned my own strength, which wasn't something I was aware of previously. There's nothing harder than working 18 hours a day when you're raising children. I'm proud of doing that."

Mulgrew felt that Voyager had much in common with Star Trek: The Next Generation. "Voyager is a lot like Next Gen. We were the two most successful ones. Two captains in peril at every turn. We were lost in space on a ship, trying to find our way home. It was a wonderful way to capture the imagination. It had all the key elements of drama."

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