Wil Wheaton Talks 'Book of Days'

By Antony
January 31, 2003 - 8:18 PM

Wil Wheaton (Wesley Crusher) has spoken about how his role in the movie 'Book of Days' is important to him.

"This movie carries a very important distinction in my career history," Wheaton told readers of his website. "It's the first lead I've had in ages, and it's the first movie I've done since deciding to focus more on writing and my family than acting and the hollow pursuit of fame.

"It was very strange, but not unwelcome, when I dug my actor pants out from under the bed and put them back on. Initially, they weren't very comfortable, but they did feel familiar, and when I got used to them again, I decided that I'd never be able to fully take them off I feel incredibly naked without them."

In the movie, which airs tonight at 8/7pm on PAX TV, Wheaton plays grief-struck life insurance salesman Danny Hartland who is angry with God after letting he let Hartland's bride die. However, when a mysterious book is delivered to Hartland — a book which details when people will die — his boss starts to believe that Hartland is murdering clients.

"Before one of my projects is released, I'm always apprehensive," Wheaton admitted. "I feel unsure about how the music is going to play, how the director cut the scenes together, things like that. I also feel apprehensive about my performance. Will the audience see what I intended?" However, he revealed that he feels confident that the movie will turn out well. "My gut feeling on this film is that it's going to be pretty good. It's not going to be spectacular — there's some badly written courtroom drama in the middle, where I think it really slows down — but I think audiences will enjoy it."

The movie also stars Maureen Flannigan, who appeared in Deep Space Nine's 'Covenant' as Mika.

The PAX TV website can be found here with a very brief summary of the movie. Will Wheaton's full message about the film can be found here at his website.

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