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'The Breach' Is Season Two's Twenty-First

By Caillan
January 31, 2003 - 3:08 AM

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Sources today revealed the twenty-first episode of season two to go into production will be called 'The Breach'.

Details on the episode are scanty, but it will reportedly involve a Denobulan geologist undertaking research to try and save his people. Denobula is threatened by "seismic anomalies," and the geologist has spent twenty years of his life surveying planets to try and find one with a similar geological profile.

Finally, after investigating seven planets, the geologist has finally found one that is similar to Denobula. Unfortunately, the inhabitants of the planet, the Xemians, have ordered that all foreigners must leave immediately. Trip has been sent by the Denobulans to bring back their geologist, but he refuses to leave, saying that the future of his people depends on his results and that he needs another three weeks to complete his work.

No further information on 'The Breach' is currently available. Please note that these details are based on an excerpt from an early draft of the script, and this is not a complete synopsis of the episode. Also please be aware that Paramount Pictures has not yet released any official information on the episode and until that time you should treat these spoilers as you would any other rumour.

'The Breach' will likely air in April, 2003.

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