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'Shadows Of P'Jem' Promo Released

By Caillan
January 31, 2002 - 10:47 AM

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'Shadows of P'Jem' photo - courtesy MediaTrek, copyright Paramount Pictures

UPN last night released the trailer for the next Enterprise episode, entitled 'Shadows of P'Jem'.

In the episode, T'Pol and Archer are kidnapped by a violent alien faction while on a mercy mission.

Digitised versions of the promo are available for download from MediaTrek and Outpost6. For those of you with slower connections, here's a transcript:


[A shuttlepod flies over a mountain range.]
[Archer is at the helm of the shuttlepod, T'Pol is sitting in the background.]
Archer: "Did the Chancellor say anything about sending an escort?"
[T'Pol adjusts the controls.]
T'Pol: "I don't think they're an escort."
[An alien ship descends from above and fires on the shuttlepod.]
[Archer and T'Pol are thrown about as the shuttlepod takes a hit.]


[Mayweather, sitting at his console, turns around and looks off-screen.]
[Tucker looks concerned.]
[Archer and T'Pol are tied up in a makeshift cell - an alien guard is standing over them.]
[The guard takes off T'Pol's blindfold.]
[Tucker, Sato, Reed and Mayweather stand listening to Chancellor Kalev on a viewscreen.]
Kalev: "Your shuttle was forced down by members of a radical faction."
[The four crew members listen to Kalev's message.]
[A guard whacks Archer in the face with his weapon.]
[T'Pol and Archer fall to the ground.]
[A guard enters the facility where T'Pol and Archer are being held.]
Tucker: (off-screen) "You might have told us about your little war..."
[Vulcan (?) soldiers fire their weapons under the cover of storage containers.]
[T'Pol and Archer crawl swiftly behind a set of storage barrels.]
[Tucker talking to Kalev via a viewscreen.]
Tucker: "...before you invited us down."
[Three soldiers fire across the facility.]
[Several barrels explode.]
[Close-up of Captain Sopek talking.]
Sopek: "It is not our policy to negotiate with terrorists."
[The Andorians fight with the aliens.]
[Two soldiers are thrown from a high platform.]
[A determined-looking Tucker leaves Reed and runs off.]
[Reed fires his phase-pistol at a soldier.]
Sopek: (off-screen) "Swift, decisive action is the logical response."
[Hoshi looking concerned on the bridge.]
[Reed on the bridge.]
[Tucker talking to Sopek on Enterprise.]
Tucker: "Did it ever occur to you that that could get the captain and T'Pol killed?"
[T'Pol lunges for one of the aliens' weapons and is shot as she does so.]
[T'Pol falls to the ground.]
[Close-up of a weary Archer.]

The 30-second 5.29 MB MPEG trailer can be found here at MediaTrek, while a 3.4 MB Quicktime version is available for download at Outpost6.

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