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By Amy
January 31, 2001 - 7:54 PM

  • Julia Houston, About.com's Star Trek Guide, has posted the latest edition in her weekly feature article series. This week she's posted a two-part examination of Voyager's ever-green ensign, Harry Kim.

    Harry Kim's introduction was both clichéd and full of possibilities. He was to be the bright-eyed boy, full of potential but wet behind the ears, an older, Starfleet-graduate version of Wesley Crusher (before Wesley evolved into a god, or whatever he is now). Appropriately, Kim made friends with the ship's fallen-from-grace cynic, Tom Paris, formed one of Star Trek's better friendships.

    To read Julia's full article, which includes her review of 'Nightingale', please follow this link.

  • Secondly, Mania's Michelle Eric Green has posted the latest edition of her weekly 'Hailing Frequencies' column. This week she looks at 'Q2' spoilers, ratings reports, last week's Voyager episode, 'Lineage' and 'Star Trek: The Next Generation: Tooth and Claw'.

    The cover gives fair warning that Tooth and Claw may be too Klingon for many tastes. The novel does not center on Klingon culture, but that it's hung up on such pastimes as proving one's worth as a warrior, posturing aggression to demonstrate one's manhood, and making long-winded speeches about honor. Of course these are staples of chivalric fiction much older than Star Trek, so it's unfair of me to label them "Klingon." But Tooth and Claw's illustration of a wounded Worf and Riker carrying bloodied bat'leths only emphasizes the degree to which Trek has adapted Klingons to the role of fantasy warriors.

    The television-era story finds the Enterprise in the midst of a strange diplomatic situation. A doomsday cult on the planet Ntignano has launched a device that will cause their sun to nova in a matter of weeks. The Federation is assisting with an evacuation, but the complex gravitational eddies in nearby space have been mapped only by the Tsorans -- a hunt-obsessed species not inclined to help their weaker neighbors. To ease negotiations, Picard asks Riker to pilot the crown prince of Tsora to an offworld hunting preserve, filled with deadly predators unlike any others in the quadrant. But a series of technological disasters strands Riker and Akarr deep in the Legacy on Fandre, armed only with tranquilizer darts and Riker's blade.

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