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By Amy
January 31, 2001 - 7:23 PM

The winners of the Psi Phi awards for 2000, or Psi Phis for short, have been announced, oddly enough, over at Psi Phi's Book Database. There were twelve categories this year for the Psi Phis, described as the spiritual descendants of the Pocket Books 'Ordie Awards', and voting took place via e-mail, not through the BBS system as it has in previous years. You can find the winners list below, but for more detailed information and the full list of nominees, drop by Psi Phi's Book Database.

Best Cover

Greg Bridges for 'Star Trek: New Earth #1 -- Wagon Train To The Stars'

Best eBook

Keith R.A. DeCandido for 'SCE II - Fatal Error'

Best Comic

Peter David, Michael Collins & David Roach for 'Star Trek: New Frontier - Double Time'

Best Short Story

Peter David for 'Shakedown'

Best Miscellaneous Book

Terry J Erdmann & Paula M Block 'The Deep Space Nine Companion'

Best Continuing Story

Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens for 'The Millennium Trilogy'

Best Individual Novel

Andrew J. Robinson for 'A Stitch in Time'

Best All-Time Cover

Keith Birdsong for 'Federation'

Best All-Time Comic Book Story

Chris Claremont with art by Adam Hughes & Karl Story for 'Debt Of Honor'

Best All-Time Non-Fiction Book

Michael & Denise Okuda and Debbie Mirek for 'Star Trek Encyclopaedia -- Revised Edition'

Best All-Time Novel

Peter David for 'Imzadi'

Lifetime Achievement Award

John Ordover

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