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By Amy
January 31, 2001 - 6:40 PM

Hello World!

Unfortuantly for all of you out there, rumours of my death were somewhat exegerated - I'm alive and kicking. But then whoever said the world was fair? No I - it'd be scary to think all the stuff that happened to me would be justified in that case. I've actually been moving house, which turned out to be a rather more complicated exercise than I'd anticipated. Add that to my being force-fed 3 seasons of Babylon 5 in just under four days and I'm sure you can guess why the ol' mental processor hasn't been working at peak efficiency. But, I'm overjoyed to report, the computer I'm now using actually has a woring sound card, so I can resume typing along to some of my favourite tunes after two months of silence.

Trek BBS Discussions

Below are some of the topics currently being discussed at the Trek BBS:

-Have UPN's affiliates begun to prempt Voyager on a massive scale?

-A Series Produced By Fans.????

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On TV This Week

Tonight at 9pm, UPN will be showing new Voyager episode, 'Repentance'. Here's how they describe the episode:

Seven of Nine faces repressed feelings about the pain she inflicted on thousands in the Collective when she witnesses the intense guilt experienced by a violent alien prisoner, rehabilitated through The Doctor's medical efforts.

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