'Cloverfield' Director Impressed By Star Trek XI Teaser

By T'Bonz
December 30, 2007 - 6:56 AM

One of the few people privileged to see the Star Trek XI trailer believes that fans of the series will be very excited about the new movie.

As reported at MTV Movies Blog, Matt Reeves, director of the forthcoming Cloverfield, knew early on that the Star Trek teaser would be shown in conjunction with his movie.

"I've known for a long, long, time that was their plan," said Reeves. "...I've just recently seen bits of the teaser. I think it's amazing, and it looks pretty incredible. I think people are going to be very excited. It's a teaser, you know, it's a teaser trailer. But still, I was like 'Wow!' Just the scope of it, the scale of it, you just look at it and it's so elegantly done.”

Reeves has been fortunate enough to see Star Trek XI dailies in addition to the teaser. "I've seen little bits of the movie too..." he explained. "He's [Abrams] doing an amazing job; it's very exciting. It's not your grandfather’s 'Star Trek,' that's for sure."

"I think what [he and his producers] are doing with the trailer is fantastic," added Reeves. "This is a great way to reboot the franchise, and get people excited about something new." Reeves doesn't think that fans will be disappointed, because even though Star Trek XI seems different and new, it will be "having all the stuff that will make fans of ‘Star Trek’ still feel fulfilled."

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