News Bullets

By Amy
December 30, 2000 - 4:16 PM

  • The Deep Space Nine: Horizons campaign has sent word that they've passed the 2600 signature mark, and also that they've again heard from David B. Levinson.

  • There was an article in the New York Times online dealing with the absence of Asian-Americans from Prime Time TV, which includes quotes from Garrett Wang (Harry Kim) and talks about Sulu.

  • There is a picture online at of Jeri Ryan attending the premiere of 'Dracula 2000'.

  • Also, Eon Magazine has posted a report on the recent premiere of Miss Congeniality, which stars William Shatner (Kirk).

  • has posted an interview with Neil Norman, who has produced a number of Star Trek soundtracks, some of which have won Emmys.

  • After the earlier closure of her previous website, Roxann Dawson (B'Elanna Torres) has started up her own official site at

  • Volume 29, Number 10 of Cinefantastique Magazine contains an article on the career of Robert Wise, director of 'Star Trek The Motion Picture'.

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