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Shatner's Thanksgiving Mishaps And Memories

By T'Bonz
November 30, 2008 - 9:00 PM

Setting things on fire is not the usual for preparing Thanksgiving dinner, but don't tell that to William Shatner.

As reported by YouTube, Shatner and family shared some of their Thanksgiving memories including several memorable times when Shatner tried to deep fry the Thanksgiving turkey.

According to Liz Shatner "Everything they always warn you about, we've almost had it all happen, except for the deck catching on fire." This included having a tree catch on fire during the deep frying process.

"I got burned," said Shatner, pointing to his right arm. "I had apparently this oil, this fryer. You'd put two gallons of peanut oil in it, heat it up to four hundred degrees and then put your turkey in. So there are certain things you can't do. The turkey can't be frozen, the turkey can't be wet. The turkey has to go on a hanger and be dipped in very slowly. So, from year to year, you forget little things, like 'Oh wet, forgot about it not being wet,' so it was sizzling...Last year, I forgot to put it in the dangle, the dingle-dangle, and I just lowered it in with a hook, but halfway through lowering it, the heat burned my hand, so I dropped it." Shatner no longer deep fries his turkey, but uses a smoker instead.

Although one might be wise to avoid his turkey-frying advice, Shatner had words of wisdom for his daughter when it came to making a pumpkin pie sweet. "Use brown sugar," he said. "Use more brown sugar."

In addition to being thankful for not burning down his house during turkey preparation, Shatner explained those things in his life for which he was thankful. "Well [I'm thankful] for all of you," he said. "That's for sure. I'm just thankful to be alive and healthy. I'm so healthy. I'm thankful. And the grandchildren...And the future. The future looks so good.

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