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Czech It Out

By T'Bonz
November 30, 2007 - 4:07 AM

Star Trek fandom is worldwide and recently a group of fans in the Czech Republic produced an amateur Star Trek fan film.

As reported at Radio Praha, a Star Trek Czech fan club,, has produced a Star Trek fan film for Czech Star Trek fans. The film, called The Metren Incident, took three years to complete and was inspired by Star Trek: The Next Generation. Anna Stefanova, fan of Jean-Luc Picard and director of the film, said "A few people from the Star Trek fan club, namely a friend and I, were kind of discussing of in a tearoom on doing something about Star Trek and we hit upon the crazy idea of making a film." Even though neither of the two had experience in filmmaking, they didn't let the lack of experience stop them. "I think we thought that we would just write a script and shoot it in a month or something! In the end, it took a lot longer. But it was quite fun and in the end quite a good experience, I think!"

Twenty-three fans, ranging in age from sixteen to fifty, worked on the film either as crew members or actors. Ann acted as well as directing the film. "Difficult was the fact I had a small role in the movie itself," she said, adding "I was never satisfied with how I acted. I didn't like it at all! But in the end I had to put something in! It was more about fun."

The Metren Incident takes place aboard the USS Avatar, led by a female captain, Talisa Ren. The story had the captain put in a difficult situation after a crewmember is kidnapped by a previously peaceful race. An "away team" is sent to try to resolve the situation.

Last weekend, the film had its first screening at the Atlas Theater in Prague, with one hundred and fifty fans in attendance. There are plans for future showings and a DVD release may be in the works.

For more on the film, head to the article located here. Information on the fan club is located here.

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