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Shatner Goes For Laughs on Conan

By Michelle
November 30, 2004 - 9:27 PM

"You're a very shallow man, a very shallow man," joked host Conan O'Brien to William Shatner, whom he also labeled "insane", though he admitted that the actor was "one of my favorites as Captain James T. Kirk."

VRRRM has posted a transcript with images of Shatner's appearance on Late Night with Conan O'Brien from November 19th. Beginning with a segment that purported to take a mock look into the "future" in the year 2000, Shatner made jokes with O'Brien about the Clinton Presidential Library, porn and "Star Trek Nine: The Last Payment on Shatner's Beach House." The actor then promptly plugged his series Boston Legal, causing the host to exclaim, "I was gonna get to that."

O'Brien asked Shatner about rumours of a feud between the actor and DeForest Kelley (McCoy), which Shatner explained had stemmed from the fact that he couldn't help laughing when he learned that Kelley's beloved Chihuahua was killed by a lawn sprinkler. "You see what [the audience] reaction was?" he said as people giggled. "That's what I did." Afraid that Shatner might have offended Chihuahua owners in the audience, O'Brien recommended that angry fans write to the actor care of The View, while Shatner joked of the dog lovers, "Those people's bark are worse than their bite!"

O'Brien also discussed Shatner's new album Has Been and talked about his baby girl, with the unusual name of Neve. Shatner expressed surprise at the name, adding, "Gwyneth Paltrow's baby is Apple...if she'd married Brad Pitt, she'd have Apple Pitt." Asking Shatner whether he had only asked about the baby to make the name joke led O'Brien to the comment about Shatner's shallowness.

The pair also discussed Shatner's travels, including a close encounter with an elephant, and the actor's discovery of rock 'n' roll, which Shatner likened to sex, claiming he had discovered both late in life. He also recited "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" Shatner-style. For the full transcript, see VRRRM.

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