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Logan: Spock & Sela Wouldn't Work In 'Nemesis'

By Caillan
November 30, 2002 - 2:31 PM

There was no room for Ambassador Spock or Romulan Commander Sela in 'Star Trek Nemesis,' writer John Logan said recently.

With the film returning the Romulans to the forefront of the franchise after many years lurking behind the Borg and the Dominion, it was discussed whether either of these characters could show up in 'Nemesis.' "We had a great deal of discussion about Ambassador Spock and how he may or may not have played into what's happening," Logan told Ian Spelling in Dreamwatch Magazine (via Sci-Fi Pulse).

Leonard Nimoy returned as the legendary Vulcan in the two-part Next Generation episode 'Unification,' in which the Ambassador sought to reunify the Romulan and Vulcan races. However, this storyline - or Spock - couldn't be worked into the film. "Because of the way the plot developed there wasn't really a need for him," the writer continued. "As much as I love Spock - and what writer in the world wouldn't want to write Spock - there was just no way to make it work elegantly, so it wouldn't just seem like we were throwing Spock in there."

This was also the case with Sela, Tasha Yar's Romulan daughter also played by Denise Crosby, who was introduced in 'Redemption, Parts I and II' after an uncredited appearance in 'The Mind's Eye.' "Believe me, thought was given to every possible Romulan permutation that you could possibly imagine," Logan said. "But because of what we have to do with our featured Romulans we could not use Denise."

The full interview with Logan, in which he also talked about the creation of the Remans, can be found in Dreamwatch Magazine's 100th issue. Alternatively, extracts are available here at Sci-Fi Pulse.

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