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Tom Hardy Confirmed As Picard's New 'Nemesis'

By Lisa
November 30, 2001 - 12:18 AM

Aside from the crew of the Enterprise, the most important role in the next Trek film will belong to the villain - the titular 'Nemesis,' Shinzon. A great deal of speculation was put to rest today when actor Tom Hardy was confirmed as cast in the role in the tenth Trek feature film.

Reports appeared on Tuesday that claimed Paramount Pictures had cast the British born actor in the role. Earlier this evening, a news item at the press release confirmed that the role belonged to Hardy.

Shinzon has previously been described as "a dynamic young man in his twenties... very handsome with pale, almost white skin and shining, golden hair."

The original report can be found at the Great Link.

Another actor who was recently revealed to at least have auditioned for a role in the film is Michael Shanks, best known for his role as Daniel Jackson in Stargate: SG1.

In a new interview with Dreamwatch magazine (Via StarGuide), Shanks remarked that he was leaving for an audition for the movie shortly after the interview was completed. He joked that he was having trouble getting away from anything with the word 'Star' in its title.

It is not known what role the actor auditioned for in the movie, or if he has in fact been hired. Shanks recently left Stargate after its fifth season, and will not be returning to the show when it resumes filming early next year.

The original interview with Shanks can be found here at Starguide.

Wil Wheaton (Wesley Crusher), already confirmed to appear in 'Nemesis,' yesterday revealed what it was like going for his first costume fitting.

"The fitting today at Star Trek wardrobe was AWESOME," the actor wrote on his web site yesterday. "I got to put on the dress uniform, and see Marina [Sirtis] (Deanna Troi), and the costume designer, Bob Blackman, who I haven't seen in YEARS."

"Bob told me that he'd been fitting all the other cast members, and they all told him, independently of each other, that they were excited that I was going to be in the movie. The ones who had seen me all commented to him that I was all grown up, and funny, and doing very well, and all that, he told me."

Wheaton had also received his script, but did not elaborate on its contents. "I also got my script. It's sitting right here, with the word 'CLASSIFIED' stamped on it in big red letters on every page. Cool!"

The original report from Wheaton, including more behind the scenes details of his appearance on The Weakest Link can be found at WilWheaton.net.

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