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Gerrold Would Love To See Kirk Film

By Caillan
October 30, 2003 - 11:24 AM

After James T. Kirk was killed off in Star Trek: Generations, David Gerrold hasn't gone to see another Star Trek feature film. But the Hugo Award-winner said recently he'd be up for another big screen voyage if it featured the return of the legendary Starfleet captain.

"I'd be first in line to watch any new film or episode that brought back Kirk," Gerrold said in a Q&A with fans at "To me, Star Trek at its best has always been about the choices confronting Kirk — whether to act on logic or emotion, whether to be thoughtful and restrained or decisive and aggressive. Watching Kirk work his way through a problem is the joy of Trek, because it shows that humanity at its best is a problem-solving species; and Kirk as a role-model is the best one Trek ever offered."

The writer, whose Star Trek credits include "The Trouble With Tribbles" and its animated sequel, "More Tribbles, More Troubles", said he would bring back Kirk by means of a parallel universe. "I'd yank him in out of an alternate timeline in which TNG and everything afterward just didn't happen. The TNG and post-TNG universes are so screwed up they need someone to help straighten things out. So they grab Admiral Kirk out of retirement from a parallel universe. I'd reunite him with any of the original actors who still wanted to play, but my first choice of course would be Spock."

In Gerrold's premise, Kirk and Spock would train a group of young officers who would form a "Mission Team" on a new Enterprise. "The new crew would be the Mission Team, Kirk and Spock would be the advisors with age and experience. I would still want to see Kirk in action situations, but not hand-to-hand combat. And I wouldn't put the burden of the action on him, because that's unrealistic. That's what the Mission Team is for."

But is William Shatner too old to don the Starfleet uniform for a new movie or television series? The answer is a definite no, Gerrold said. "As long as Shatner can get out of bed (or into it, for that matter), he'll always be Captain Kirk."

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