Patrick Stewart Guest Stars On 'Frasier' Tonight

By Caillan
September 30, 2003 - 10:37 AM

'Patrick Stewart on Frasier' - copyright NBC/Paramount PicturesPatrick Stewart (Jean-Luc Picard) is set to appear on the long-running NBC sitcom Frasier tonight.

Stewart will play Alistair Braithwaite, the head of the Seattle Opera Guild, in the episode, entitled "The Doctor Is Out". After radio psychiatrist Frasier Crane is "outed" on his radio show, Alistair befriends him, inviting Frasier to exclusive events and presenting him with gifts. Caught up in this heady lifestyle, Frasier doesn't realise that Alistair has romantic feelings for him.

These behind-the-scenes images show Stewart rehearsing with Emmy Award-winner Kelsey Grammer on the Frasier set. Grammer is also a Star Trek alumnus, having appeared as Captain Morgan Bateson in The Next Generation's "Cause and Effect".

'Patrick Stewart on Frasier' - copyright NBC/Paramount Pictures'Patrick Stewart on Frasier' - copyright NBC/Paramount Pictures

In one scene, Frasier introduces Alistair to his family, unaware that his body language is sending all the wrong signals to the opera director. Here's a transcript of the encounter:

'Patrick Stewart on Frasier' - copyright NBC/Paramount Pictures[Frasier opens the door and lets Alistair into his apartment.]
Alistair: "You smell fantastic!"
[Fraiser closes the door.]
Frasier: "Must be my new conditioner. Sandlewood with just a hint of..."
[He pauses, expecting Alistair to finish off his sentence. Alistair leans in and smells Frasier.]
Alistair: "Cloves."
[Frasier throws his arms in the air in triumph, as Alistair acknowledges his achievement.]
Alistair: "The man's amazing."
[Fraiser puts his hands around Alistair and introduces him to his family.]
'Patrick Stewart on Frasier' - copyright NBC/Paramount PicturesFrasier: "He has the musical panache of Leonard Bernstein and the nose of a Tuscan truffle hog."
[Alistair leans in towards Frasier, beaming.]
Alistair: "You turn my head, sir!"
[With a hearty clap on the chest, Frasier brushes it off with feigned modesty.]
Frasier: "Come on, come and meet my father, Martin Crane."
[Alistair strides across the room to shake hands with Martin, who gets out of his chair.]
Alistair: "How lovely to meet you, Martin!"
'Patrick Stewart on Frasier' - copyright NBC/Paramount Pictures[Alistair swings around to greet Niles and Daphne.]
Alistair: "Niles, love the tie."
[Niles straightens his tie with pride.]
[Daphne introduces herself.]
Daphne: "And I'm Daphne, Niles's wife."
[Close-up of Alistair, who looks down his nose at Daphne.]
Alistair: "No!"
[Daphne turns towards Niles, bemused. They don't know what to make of him.]

Watch the full episode tonight at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time on NBC.

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