UPN 'Fight Or Flight' Promo Released

By Caillan
September 30, 2001 - 10:34 AM

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'Fight Or Flight' photo - courtesy UPN.com, copyright Paramount Pictures

UPN yesterday released the trailer for the first regular Enterprise episode, 'Fight Or Flight'.

In the episode, the crew of the NX-01 make a grisly discovery when they find a ship littered with humanoid corpses. Captain Archer insists on investigating, but the crew soon find themselves in trouble when the aliens come back to their vessel.

Courtesy of UPN, several digitised versions of the promo are available for download. For those of you with limited bandwith, here's a transcript:

[Text: 'Every Age Has Its Heroes']
[Close-up of Archer on the bridge.]
Archer: "Take her out, Mister Mayweather."
[Shot of the Enterprise in spacedock.]
[Archer on the bridge.]
Archer: "Straight and steady."
[Text: 'Every Generation Has its Perils']
T'Pol: "We have a potentially hostile vessel approaching."
[Mayweather in the pilot's chair is rocked by an explosion, others on the bridge are also affected.]
[Archer, with T'Pol next to him speaking to someone off camera.]
Archer: "Would you stick your tail between your legs and run?"
[Text: 'Every Era Has a Brave New World']
[Tucker, looking at the viewscreen.]
Tucker: "Maybe we should go have a look..."


[Text: 'Embark On The Adventure']
[Sato in a spacesuit, exploring an alien vessel.]
T'Pol: (off-screen) "Maybe they're not interested..."
[The Enterprise, being fired at.]
[Close-up of T'Pol on the bridge.]
T'Pol: "...in visitors."
[A small ship fires on the Enterprise.]
[Archer standing on the bridge.]
Archer: "Stand-by starboard tube."


[Text: 'That Inspired Humanity']
[A hatch opened by a crewmember in a spacesuit.]
[The Enterprise flying sideways.]
[Archer, leaning close to T'Pol.]
Archer: "I need you to do this."
[Shot of Mayweather.]
[Shot of Sato.]
Archer: (off-screen) "We all do."
[Shot of Tucker.]
[Shot of Phlox.]
[Shot of Reed.]
[Shot of T'Pol.]
[Archer talking to T'Pol.]
Archer: "That's why you're here."


[Text: 'To Boldly Go']
[The Enterprise flies over a planet's rings.]
[Archer in the command chair.]
Archer: "Now Mister Reed!"
[The Enterprise goes into warp.]
[Text: 'Enterprise']

The promo is available for download in mpg format as a 5.7 MB file, from this page at Vidiot. In addition, a shorter 20 second promo is available in Quicktime 1.78 MB, Windows Media 388K, 188K and 56K formats from UPN's Enterprise section. They can be accessed by clicking on the 'Videos' link. Thanks to Sebastiaan Ensink at the Voyager Media Center for this!

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