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By Christian
September 30, 2000 - 11:02 PM

The Production News section of the official Star Trek site has been updated with two new teaser clips for Voyager's 7th season - one containing about half a minute of actual footage from 'Unimatrix Zero, Part Two', and one featuring Jeri Ryan talking about her character's romance in Unimatrix Zero. Here's a transcript of what can be seen in the first promo, providing some interesting hints of the season opener:

Paris: Commander...

On the viewscreen, a Borg cube fires on Voyager.

Chakotay: Shields to full. Brace for impact

Kim: Someone is accessing our tactical controls. Our shields are down!

Chakotay: Evasive maneuvers

Impact on Voyager. Sparks fly on the bridge.

Holodoc: Sensors are off-line. I've lost the away team.

Kim: Hull breaches on decks five... six.. seven!

Chakotay: Reverse course

Tom Paris: We can't just leave them!

Chakotay: The Borg have our access codes. Get us out of here.

On the Borg Cube....

Queen: Thank you... Tuvok.

To see the actual clip, please go here.

In the second clip, Ryan is interviewed on what looks like the transporter room set, saying that "[it's] a little easier in this instance, because it's not just Seven on the ship and her daily life, suddenly deciding to fall in love with somebody. It was her in very much another world, and it was very much her human side that comes out when in Unimatrix Zero. So, there was a lot more freedom to explore that in that set of parameters than it would be just on the ship. Yeah, it was a lot of fun!" That clip can also be found here.

Thanks go out to Kevin Miller for pointing us to this!

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