Sirtis Says Respect Didn't Protect Stewart From Ribbing

By Michelle
August 30, 2005 - 3:38 PM

Marina Sirtis described the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation as in awe of Royal Shakespeare Company actor and series star Patrick Stewart, which did not prevent them from calling him "Old Baldy."

"We ridiculed him more than anybody else in the cast," the actress who played courteous, sensitive Counselor Troi on the series admitted to Macleans. "We just made fun of him constantly."

In Toronto at the Science Fiction Expo, part of the Canadian National Expo, Sirtis described the Captain Picard actor as a friend, as well as Michael Dorn, who played Worf. She found it awkward to do love scenes when Worf and Troi became involved, not only because "it's difficult to do love scenes with your best was really kind of awkward", but because Klingon teeth made it difficult to kiss.

"I did make him take the Klingon teeth out 'cause I didn't want lacerated lips!" explained Sirtis. She said that despite the tough Klingon appearance, Dorn had a sensitive side and burst into tears on the last day of filming.

Sirtis appeared last weekend at the Metro Convention Centre, where the Science Fiction Expo was held. This upcoming weekend she appears at DragonCon's TrekTrak in Atlanta, along with numerous other Star Trek guests.

The original item is from Macleans.

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