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Berman Gives A 'Trek X' Status Update

By Lisa
August 30, 2002 - 8:36 PM

Executive producer Rick Berman recently gave an update on 'Star Trek: Nemesis.'

"We have screened it for the studio and they love it," Berman told the Star Trek Communicator (via TrekWeb). "We cut it down to the length we needed it to be and everyone at the studio actually asked us to put some things back in that we had taken out. [...] We're not taking anything out now, though.

"We're getting ready for some test screenings and preparing for the final sound mix. We're involved now in the credit sequences and finishing up over 500 visual effects shots."

He also gave his thoughts on how long the film will be. "It's in the two-hour ballpark. It might be a minute longer or a minute shorter, but that's yet to be determined," he said.

The producer went on to talk about the movie's best elements. "I think this film has an edge to it and is quite frightening in many ways. I think it is a very unique film. We have a villain that stands up to any we've seen before, including Khan and the Borg Queen.

"I think Tom Hardy is not only going to become a big movie star, but I also think that he will go down in the annals of Star Trek as one of the great villains."

Much more from Rick Berman, including more on 'Nemesis,' the second season of Enterprise and more can be found in the upcoming issue 140 of The Star Trek Communicator. A preview of the interview is available online by following this link to TrekWeb.

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