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Nemesis Romulan Warbird Unveiled

By Lisa
August 30, 2002 - 6:15 PM

One of the most eagerly anticipated sights from the tenth Star Trek Movie decloaked onto the internet today: a look at what the Enterprise will be up against.

The below image shows the brand new Romulan Warbird design, courtesy of the IGN Filmforce web site. The ship is still recognizable as the familiar Romulan Warbird, but has a sleek new updated look for the film.

The ship was designed by John Eaves, who also designed the Enterprise-E that will be seen in the movie.

The warbird in the image is the 'Valdore,' one of the vessels in the fleet commanded by Shinzon. The ship is captained by the female Romulan Commander Donatra. She will be played by Dina Meyer (story).

According to the official Nemesis web site, the warbird is twice the length of a Federation Galaxy class starship and has 115 decks. It looks like the Enterprise will have quite a fight on its hands....

A high resolution, larger image of the Valdore and the original report can be found here at IGN Filmforce. Thanks go out to Spyboy for this!

'The Valdure' - copyright Paramount Pictures, Courtesy IGN FilmForce

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