Pine Talks 'Star Trek XI'

By T'Bonz
July 30, 2008 - 8:15 PM

J.J. Abram's version of 'Star Trek' is about the 'birth" of the famous characters from the original series.

As reported by Sci Fi Wire, Chris Pine expects fans to be surprised by Star Trek XI. "I think people will be surprised," said Pine. "I think what J.J. has created, and what we've been a part of, is really the birth of these characters. ...Not only their individual journeys and how they all meet, [but also] the forging of those relationships and how it carries on to the five-year mission."

According to Pine, writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci "Infuse these characters with as much humanity as possible, so not only are you getting the big effects you would expect from a blockbuster, but also something of a character movie, which I think is difficult to do, and I think we've done extremely well."

Pine also feels that fans will be amazed by the performances of his co-stars. "People will be blown away," he said. "Zach [Quinto] is great. Between him and Karl Urban and the rest of the cast, ...they've really captured who these characters are."

As for the secrecy regarding the project, it's because "J.J [Abrams] is a perfectionist," said Pine, as reported by Abrams understands the importance of the movie for the fans and wants to make sure that he "dots the I's and crosses the T's."

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